=head1 NAME

Test::Catch - Run C++ catch tests from perl test file


in Makefile.PL

    use XS::Install;
        BIN_DEPS => 'Test::Catch',
        test => {
            SRC => 't', # make all C files compile in 't' folder into separate SO file when 'make test'
                        # it's an XS::Install feature
            NAME => 'MyTestMod', # name of second (test) module
in your C test files

    #include <catch2/catch.hpp>
Run tests from perl .t file:
    use MyModule;
    use Test::Catch; # should be loaded before you load your test SO
    XS::Loader::load_noboot('MyTestMod'); # or load() if you have and XS in test SO also
    catch_run(); # or Test::Catch::run()
    use Test::Catch '[tag]'; # makes done_testing automatically

This module provides C<catch>'s run function which runs CPP catch tests, so that you don't need to have catch run main in every module tests.
Also this module makes tests output compatible with perl format and can work with perl tests in the same process
(tests count and subtests nesting are shared).


=head4 run([@args])

Runs catch tests. If @args are provided the result is if it was provided in command-line for native catch test binary.

Separate arguments work as '&&'. If you want to run, for example test 'name' and all tests with tag 'tag' and all tests with both tag 'tag2' and 'tag3',

=head4 import(@args)

If @args provided, runs tests the same way as C<run(@args)> and calls C<done_testing()> after that.


=head4 catch_run([@tags])

See C<run>

=head1 AUTHOR

Pronin Oleg <syber@crazypanda.ru>, Crazy Panda LTD

=head1 LICENSE

You may distribute this code under the same terms as Perl itself.