news-search - console-based newsgroup articles searcher.


  news-search [options...] ngname [ngname...] [param=value...]


  news-search --max_p=30 tor.housing Subject='rent|sublet|room|bdr|house|apt|apartment|condo' NoSubject='sale|FS'

This search the default 'news' nntp server. Or, to specify an alternative one:

  news-search --max_p=80 -v 'cups.*' Body='die|break|broke'

Check out all the program options that you can use. E.g.,

  news-search --headers='Newsgroups|Message-ID|Bytes' -nopbody alt.binaries.e-book.technical alt.binaries.e-books alt.binaries.e-book Subject='Java|JDBC|JNDI|JAXP|EJB|Servlet|Jsp|struts' NoSubject=Javascript


This program is a console-based newsgroup articles searcher.


Parameters passed from the command line are grouped into two categories, the optional program options, followed by mandatory searching arguments.

The following searching arguments are supported.

  • ngname, newsgroup pattern to search. May have more than one newsgroups to search at once. May have wildcard ('*') in group name, eg, '*linux*'.

  • Subject=pattern, look in the Subject: line.

  • From=pattern, look for author in the From: line.

  • Body=pattern, look for pattern in article body.

The pattern can be any Perl regular expressions.

The above pattern match keyword can also be prefixed with 'No', e.g.,


to ignore messages if pattern found in the Subject: line.



Maximum number of posts to search (not return). Default is 10.


The prefix string printed before printing the Subject.


The suffix string printed after printing the Subject.


Message headers to print.


Print message headers. Default is yes. May be turned off by prefixing the option with "no" or "no-".


Print message body. Default is yes. May be turned off by prefixing the option with "no" or "no-".


Be verbose. Default is no.


Print a brief help message.


Show the manual page.

Options names may be abbreviated to uniqueness, case does not matter, and a single dash is sufficient, even for long option names.


SUN, Tong <suntong at>


Copyright 2003-2008 Tong Sun, all rights reserved.

This program is released under the BSD license.