This directory contains some examples for using Net::SIP.
- invite peer, recv RTP data and store them inside file
- can register
- can deal with upstream proxy
- can handle authorization against proxy/registrar
- see -h|--help for more information
- similar to invite_and_recv, but does send files to other party
- can handle multiple files by using re-INVITEs
- see -h|--help for more information
- simple application which works as a registrar and proxy
- see comments on top of the short file for more information
- third party call control, e.g. invites 1st party w/o sending SDP
  body, invites 2nd party with SDP body from 1st and then re-INVITES
  1st party with SDP from 2nd
- sample code on how to send dial tones (DTMF)

- programs for benchmarking, see bench/README