Net::IMP::HTTP::Example::BlockContentType - sample IMP plugin to block response based on given content type


    # use proxy from App::HTTP_Proxy_IMP to flip images
    http_proxy_imp --filter Example::BlockContentType listen_ip:port


This is a sample plugin to block HTTP responses based on the given content-type. Please note, that the content-type given by the server is not a reliable way to determine the real content and that browsers ignore the given content-type in lots of cases, like script includes.

The following arguments can be given:

whiterx Regexp

A regexp used for white-listing content-types. If a content-type is white-listed it is allowed, even if it matches the blacklist too. If no blacklist is given only white-listed content-types will be allowed.

blackrx Regexp

A regexp used for black-listing content-types. It does not override matches of whitelist. If no whitelist is given everything not matching the blacklist will be allowed.


Steffen Ullrich <>