use Test::More;
    use Test::TinyMocker;

    mock 'Some::Module'
        => method 'some_method'
        => should {
            return $mocked_value;

    # or 

    mock 'Some::Module::some_method'
        => should {
            return $mocked_value;

    # Some::Module::some_method() will now always return $mocked_value;

This module was inspired by Gugod's blog, after the article published about
mocking in Ruby and Perl: http://gugod.org/2009/05/mocking.html

This module was first part of the test tools provided by Dancer in its own t
directory (previously named C<t::lib::EasyMocker>). A couple of developers asked
me if I could released this module as a real Test:: distribution on CPAN, so
here it is.