# nice output, to easily see the POD of the policy
verbose  = [%p] %m at %f line %l, near '%r'\n
# severity of 3 is a good start (1 is very strict, 5 very tolerant)
severity = 3
# we want to use // without //ms
minimum_regex_length_to_complain_about = 5
# we don't want these POD rules
# We don't care about POD links 
# we use $@ and $!
# We want to be able to use Carp::Verbose in our tests scripts, so
# we add Carp to the whitelist
packages = Data::Dumper File::Find FindBin Log::Log4perl Carp
# I really don't think q{/} is more readable than '/'...
# Perl::Critic recommends Readonly, but this IS BAD!
# we use Const::Fast instead, but this policy keeps poping up.
# we want to be able to build DSLs
# We only want the main module to provide $VERSION
# we want to be able to define short getters
# we cant do @_ mesures with that one
# name is a common used name for methods
# but forbidden by this policy ...
# some old libs use many args, we don't want to block that for now
# we allo protected subs
# We're not under CVS! :)
allow = refs
allow = redefine prototype
equivalent_modules = strictures Moo Moo::Role
equivalent_modules = strictures Moo Moo::Role
# we use postifx controls
# We want to use croak everywhere instead of die
# allow backtick if capture result
only_in_void_context = 1