0.003     2014-03-23 16:52:22CET+0100 Europe/Paris

    * Use an array instead of a hash for the internal index to reduce memory
      usage (up to 20x less memory consuming than File::Slurp with big files,
      which is 5 times better than previous versions, see README.pod).

0.002     2014-03-21 10:18:54CET+0100 Europe/Paris

    * Provide a README.pod with Dist::Zilla::Plugin::ReadmeAnyFromPod

0.001     2014-03-21 10:11:26CET+0100 Europe/Paris

    * GitHub #1: reference File::Slurp::Tiny instead of File::Slurp
      (Alexis Sukrieh)
    * Initital version of File::Scan with test (slurp_line)
      (Alexis Sukrieh, Bin Shu)