Changes for version 1.3079_03

    • Support XML::Simple configuration for serializing/deserializing (Alberto Simões)
    • Hard deprecate lots of stuff (Alberto Simões)
    • Don't clobber TT INCLUDE_PATH if the user set it specifically in the config file - Issue 643 (David Precious, reported by meraxes)
    • Don't require a space after semi-colon delimiting multiple name=value cookie pairs - Issue 642 (David Precious, reported by travisbeck)

Changes for version 1.3079_02

    • Remove hard-coded version from 404.html and 500.html (Alberto Simões)
    • Fix logging of UTF8-encoded strings (jamhed)
    • Do not clean 'vars' during forward (Alberto Simões)
    • Add streaming support to send_file. (Sawyer X)

Changes for version 1.3079_01

    • Fix prefix behavior with load_app (alexrj)
    • send_file() shouldn't clobber previously-set response status (David Precious, reported by tylerdu - thanks!)
    • Depend on URI 1.59 - Fixes problems when redirecting with UTF-8 strings (Alberto Simões)
    • Fix before_serializer POD fix (Yanick Champoux)
    • send_file can send data (pass a reference to a scalar), and can specify a content-disposition filename. (Alberto Simões)
    • Set 'Server' HTTP response header as well as 'X-Powered-By'. For cases where Dancer is being accessed directly, or the proxy passes on this header, it's nice to see it. (David Precious)
    • Cookbook links to canonical documentation of keywords in, so readers encountering a new keyword can easily see the docs for it (David Precious)
    • Docs for debug/warning/error link to Dancer::Logger for details on how to control where logs go (David Precious)
    • Document import_warnings option, and mention it & link to that documentation in opportune places.
    • Document that 'get' also creates a route for 'HEAD' requests (David Precious, prompted by Matt S Trout)
    • Extend request() keyword docs with examples (David Precious)
    • Correct port in Lighty/FCGI example in Dancer::Deployment (David Precious, thanks to pwfraley in Issue 621)


a quick-start guide to the Dancer web framework
common ways to put your Dancer app into use
guide for developers interested in contributing
guide for Dancer's core-team members
A gentle introduction to Dancer
interesting plugins to add to Dancer's capabilities
An example to get you dancing
helper script to create new Dancer applications
Sorry I can't dance, I'm hanging on to my friend's purse


lightweight yet powerful web application framework
how to configure Dancer to suit your needs
class representing cookies
a singleton storage for all cookies
handle deprecation messages
base class for Dancer engines
class for representing fatal errors
helper providing file utilities
helper for rendering HTTP status codes for Dancer
a debug handler for easy tracing
Class to manipulate hooks with Dancer
Properties attached to a hook
common interface for logging in Dancer
Abstract logging engine for Dancer
Capture dancer logs
a place to store captured Dancer logs
console-based logging engine for Dancer
Test::More diag() logging engine for Dancer
file-based logging engine for Dancer
Test::More note() logging engine for Dancer
blackhole-like silent logging engine for Dancer
Singleton object to handle MimeTypes
dynamic module loading helpers for Dancer core components
Objects base class for Dancer
Singleton base class for Dancer
helper for writing Dancer plugins
a plugin for adding Ajax route handlers
interface for accessing incoming requests
class representing file uploads requests
Response object for Dancer
route caching mechanism for Dancer
serializer wrapper for Dancer
serializer for handling JSON data
(De)Serialize content using the appropriate HTTP header
serializer for handling XML data
serializer for handling YAML data
session engine for the Dancer framework
abstract class for session engine
in-memory session backend for Dancer
YAML-file-based session backend for Dancer
template wrapper for Dancer
abstract class for Dancer's template engines
pure Perl 5 template engine for Dancer
Template Toolkit wrapper for Dancer
Test helpers to test a Dancer application
a timer for Dancer


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