Revision history for Perl extension Test::Distribution.

1.18    - Now accept file ChangeLog as an alternative to Changes
        - Minor bug fix
	- Thanks to Steffen Schwigon for both of these changes.

1.17	- Added the distversion option so that people can check whether $VERSION
	  matches the distribution version. This used to be a mandatory check but
	  was removed in 1.14.

1.16	- Minimum version of ExtUtils::Manifest required is 1.43.
	  Passthrough Makefile.PL is now generated by Module::Build and so is
	  up to date and now explicitly sets the build_class.
	  Thanks to Gabor Szabo for reporting these bugs in Test-Distribution v1.15
1.15	- Test::Distribution now uses the MANIFEST to find modules to test.
	  It falls back to doing a find for *.pm if no MANIFEST exists.
	  (thanks to Paul Hughes aka Barbie and Steffen Müller for suggesting
	- Added manifest test.
	  (thanks to patch from Jonas B.Nielsen)

1.14 	- Versions test  now less  restrictive.  It only  requires each
	  package defined a version. The  version does not need to be
	  the same as the distribution version. It just needs to exist
	  This caters for the quite valid style of using cvs versions in
	  individual files. Perl does not requrie all files in a dist to
	  have the same $VERSION. However if you think that checking against
	  the dist version would be a useful check for your personal style,
	  let me know and i'll  add that check back in as an optional switch.
	  (thanks to Paul Hughes aka Barbie for the spot)

1.13	- Simple update of TODO which i should have done in 1.12

1.12	- prereq tests are now skipped if a Build.PL is found. Stop gap
	  measure till Test::Prereq has been patched.
	  (thanks to Paul Hughes aka Barbie)

1.11	- Removed Test::Prereq as a prerequisite as i'm not actually
	  using it yet
	- 02extra.t is more friendly on non-Unix style platforms 
	  (thanks to Paul Hughes aka Barbie)

1.10	- Updated TODO

1.09    - Added missing Test::Signature to requires hash in Build.PL
	- Added missing SKIP block to Test::Distribution::sig::run_tests

1.08    - Updated example of 01distribution.t with code that doesn't
          cause testing of the module to fail if user does not have
          Test::Distribtion installed. This is good because it means
          module authors who do not want to force their users to install
          Test::Distribution and all of its dependencies do not have to
        - Added support for sig testing via Test::Signature

1.07	- Minor POD Updates
	- Description  tests now allow  no  Makefile.PL if you have a
	  Build.PL.  However    this   does  not  mean   Module::Build
	  support.  You  still  need   a  Makefile.PL to  prevent  the
	  PREREQ_PM tests     failing. Module::Build    support   will
	  hopefully follow in a future version.

1.06 	- New Maintainer/Owner: Sagar R. Shah
     	- Moved from ExtUtils::MakeMaker to Module::Build for building
	- Tests are now run in a specific order (stops Test::Distribution
	  trying to evaluate $VERSION before doing a use)
        - All non-core use()d modules test now has a proper test name
	- Thanks to David A Golden for the patch

1.05  Mon Jul 28 11:23:45 CEST 2003
        - Testing PREREQ_PM relies on Module::CoreList which, even at
          the current version, doesn't know about perl 5.8.1 yet.  So in
          the meantime, I've added a simple check to skip PREREQ_PM testing
          if $Module::CoreList::version{ $] } doesn't exist (thanks
          Randal L. Schwartz and Richard Clamp).
        - Testing PREREQ_PM now outputs an easy-to-understand error message
          if necessary. Previously I just used Test::More's is(), which
          didn't say what the test was about, just that two strings didn't

1.04  Sat Jul 12 22:57:00 BST 2003
        - Changed to use Test::Pod 0.95 and pod_file_ok function
          instead of pod_ok to prevent deprecation warnings
          (thanks Sagar Shah)

1.03  Sat Sep  7 11:37:25 CEST 2002
	- added a named argument 'not' to ask not to do certain types of tests
	- added test type 'prereq' that checks whether all non-provided
	  non-core use()d files are in Makefile.PL's PREREQ_PM
	- added test type 'description' that checks whether Changes,
	  README, MANIFEST and Makefile.PL exist
	- added checking for required modules with eval{} so we can skip
	  tests if necessary (thanks petdance)
	- changed munging of file and directory names from regexes to
	  use File::Spec, to be portable

1.02  Mon Sep  2 23:26:01 CEST 2002
	- changed the name to Test::Distribution as per Andy Lester's
	  suggestion and updated docs.

1.01  Mon Sep  2 23:26:01 CEST 2002
	- added named arguments ('tests', 'only') and reflection subs
	  (packages(), files(), num_tests()), and docs for the same.

1.00  Mon Sep  2 15:40:21 2002
	- ideas by Andy Lester and brian d foy (see
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
		-XAn Test::Comprehensive