Revision history for Business-Billing::TMobile::UK

0.16    - Improve 03_scripts.t. Thanks to David Cantrell for the suggestion.

0.15    - Do not hard code perl binary name in tests
        - Do not run compilation test on windows/vms
        - Added rant about T-Mobile

0.14    - POD Update

0.13    - Resolved weird encoding isuses from the current version
          of the T-Mobile site

0.12    - Require Term-ReadPassword v0.06 so can use its new
          USE_STARS feature in the check_tmobile_allowances
					script . Thanks to Tom Phoenix for adding that feature.
0.11	- Added the check_tmobile_allowances script
        - Fixed minor bug

0.10    - Implemented public interface, inital CPAN release

0.01    - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.