Tk_MapWindow, Tk_UnmapWindow - map or unmap a window


#include <tk.h>

Tk_Window Tk_MapWindow(tkwin)



Tk_Window tkwin (in)

Token for window.


These procedures may be used to map and unmap windows managed by Tk. Tk_MapWindow maps the window given by tkwin, and also creates an X window corresponding to tkwin if it doesn't already exist. See the Tk_CreateWindow manual entry for information on deferred window creation. Tk_UnmapWindow unmaps tkwin's window from the screen.

If tkwin is a child window (i.e. Tk_CreateChildWindow was used to create it), then event handlers interested in map and unmap events are invoked immediately. If tkwin isn't an internal window, then the event handlers will be invoked later, after X has seen the request and returned an event for it.

These procedures should be used in place of the X procedures XMapWindow and XUnmapWindow, since they update Tk's local data structure for tkwin. Applications using Tk should not invoke XMapWindow and XUnmapWindow directly.


map, unmap, window