=head1 NAME

Tk::tixWm - Tix's addition to the standard TK wm command.

=for category  Tix Extensions


S<    >I<$widget>-E<gt>B<wmCapture>

S<    >I<$widget>-E<gt>B<wmRelease>


The B<wmCapture> and the B<wmRelease> methods change the
toplevel attribute of Tk widgets.

=head1 METHODS

=over 4

=item I<$widget>-E<gt>B<wmCapture>

Converts the toplevel window specified by I<$widget> into a non-toplevel
widget. Normally this command is called to convert a L<Toplevel|Tk::Toplevel> widget
into a L<Frame|Tk::Frame> widget. The newly-converted frame widget is
un-mapped from the screen. To make it appear inside its parent, you
must call a geometry manager (e.g. grid or pack) explictly.

=item I<$widget>-E<gt>B<wmRelease>

Makes the non-toplevel window specified by I<$widget> into a toplevel
widget. Normally this command is called to convert a L<Frame|Tk::Frame> widget
into a L<Toplevel|Tk::Toplevel> widget, but it can also be used on any
non-toplevel widget (e.g, label). The newly-converted toplevel window
is in a B<withdrawn> state. To make it appear on the screen, you must call
B<deiconify> after calling B<wmRelease>.

Any data associated with I<$widget> via B<wm> methods (icon, protocol,
command etc.) are released, and must be re-established if window is later


=head1 BUGS

B<wmCapture> does not exist in the Win32 window manager code.

How these methods interact with perl/Tk's class hierarchy is not yet clear.
In particular a B<wmRelease>d window will not automatically ``I<inherit>''
the B<Tk::Wm> methods, however a B<wmCapture>d window still will.
(A B<release>d B<Label> might make a good candidate for an B<Icon>.)

=head1 AUTHORS

Ioi Kim Lam - ioi@graphics.cis.upenn.edu wrote original Tix version.
Updated for tk8.0, Win32 and perl by Nick Ing-Simmons.

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window manager, wm, TIX