=head1 NAME

Tk::Scrolled - Create a widget with attached scrollbar(s)

=for category Derived Widgets

=for index_group Perl/Tk Constructs


S<    >I<$whatever> = I<$parent>-E<gt>B<Scrolled>(I<Whatever> ?,B<-scrollbars>=E<gt>I<where>? ?,...?);


To stop a flood of B<ScrlWhatever> widgets Perl/Tk introcuded the special
constructor B<Scrolled>.  B<Scrolled> creates a widget of the given Class
I<Whatever> with attached L<scrollbar(s)|Tk::Scrollbar>.

=head1 OPTIONS

All options beside B<-scrollbars> explained below are passed to
the I<Whatever> widget constructor.

=over 4

=item -scrollbars

Expects as argument the position where the scrollbars should be
created:  B<w>, B<e> or B<n>, B<s> or a combination of
them.  If the one or both positions are prefixed with B<o> the
scrollbar will only show up if there is a 'real' need to scroll.



See L<Tk::mega/"Subwidget"> how to use advertised widgets.

=over 4

=item scrolled

the scrolled widget

=item I<widget>

same as B<scrolled> above.  I<widget> is the kind of widget passed
to scrolled as first argument in all lowercase.

=item xscrollbar

the B<Scrollbar> widget used for horizontal scrolling (if it exists)

=item yscrollbar

the B<Scrollbar> widget used for vertical scrolling (if it exists)

=item corner

a frame in the corner between the vertical and horizontal scrolbar


=head1 BUGS

If a widget does not support I<-{x,y}scrollcommand> options,
B<Scrolled> does not complain if the specified widget class does
not support them.  E.g.,

S<    >I<$parent>->B<Scrolled>(B<'Button'>, ...)

One does not get an error message or warning when one tries to
configure scrollbars after the widget construction:

S<    >I<$ascrolled>->B<configure>(B<-scrollbars> => B<'e'>);

=head1 SEE ALSO



scrolled, scrollbar