=head1 NAME

Tk::Mwm - Communicate with the Motif(tm) window manager.

=for category  Tix Extensions


S<    >B<use Tk::Mwm;>

S<    >I<$toplevel>-E<gt>B<mwm>I<Option>?(I<args>)?

S<    >I<$toplevel>-E<gt>B<mwm>(I<option> ?,I<args>?)


Interface to special extentions supported by mwm.

=head1 METHODS

=over 4

=item I<$toplevel>-E<gt>B<mwmDecoration>?(?option??=E<gt>value? ?,...?)?

When no options are given, this method returns the values of all the
decorations options for the toplevel window with the I<$toplevel>.
When only one option is given without specifying the value, the
current value of that option is returned.
When more than one "option-value" pairs are passed to this method,
the specified values will be assigned to the corresponding options. As
a result, the appearance of the Motif decorations around the toplevel
window will be changed.
Possible options are: B<-border>, B<-menu>, B<-maximize>,
B<-minimize>, B<-resizeh> and B<-title>. The value must be a
Boolean value. The values returned by this command are undefined when
the window is not managed by mwm.

=item I<$toplevel>-E<gt>B<mwmIsmwmrunning>

This returns value is true if mwm is running on the screen where the specified
window is located, false otherwise.

=item I<$toplevel>-E<gt>B<mwmProtocol>

When no additional options are given, this method returns all
protocols associated with this toplevel window.

=item I<$toplevel>-E<gt>B<mwmProtocol>(B<activate> =E<gt> I<protocol_name>)

Activate the mwm protocol message in mwm's menu.

=item I<$toplevel>-E<gt>B<MwmProtocol>(B<add> =E<gt> I<protocol_name>, I<menu_message>)

Add a new mwm protocol message for this toplevel window. The
message is identified by the string name specified in
I<protocol_name>.  A menu item will be added into mwm's menu as
specified by I<menu_message>.  Once a new mwm protocol message is
added to a toplevel, it can be caught by the TK B<protocol>
method. Here is an example:

S<    >I<$toplevel>-E<gt>B<mwmProtocol>(B<'add'> =E<gt> 'MY_PRINT_HELLO', '"Print Hello"  _H CtrlE<lt>KeyE<gt>H');

S<    >I<$toplevel>-E<gt>B<protocol>(B<'MY_PRINT_HELLO'> =E<gt> sub {print "Hello"});

=item I<$toplevel>-E<gt>B<mwmProtocol>(B<'deactivate'> =E<gt> I<protocol_name>)

Deactivate the mwm protocol message in mwm's menu.

=item I<$toplevel>-E<gt>B<mwmProtocol>(B<'delete'> =E<gt> I<protocol_name>)

Delete the mwm protocol message from mwm's menu. Please note that the
window manager protocol handler associated with this protocol (by the
B<protocol> method) is not deleted automatically. You have to
delete the protocol handle explicitly.  E.g.:

S<    >I<$mw>-E<gt>B<mwmProtocol>(B<'delete'> =E<gt> 'MY_PRINT_HELLO');

S<    >I<$mw>-E<gt>B<protocol>(B<'MY_PRINT_HELLO'> =E<gt> '');


=head1 BUGS

This is a Tix extension which perl/Tk has adopted. It has not been
tested as perl/Tk's author has not got round to installing a Motif Window

On some versions of mwm, the B<-border> will not disappear unless
B<-resizeh> is turned off. Also, the B<-title> will not disappear
unless all of B<-title>, B<-menu>, B<-maximize> and
B<-minimize> are turned off.

=head1 SEE ALSO



window manager, mwm, TIX

=head1 AUTHOR

Ioi Kim Lam - ioi@graphics.cis.upenn.edu