=head1 NAME

Tk::LabFrame - labeled frame.

=for pm Tixish/LabFrame.pm

=for category Tix Extensions


S<    >B<use Tk::LabFrame;>

S<    >I<$f> = I<$parent>-E<gt>B<LabFrame>(?B<-label>=E<gt>I<text>,
B<-labelside>=E<gt>I<where>, ...?);


B<LabFrame> is exactly like B<Frame> and additionaly allows to
add a label to the frame.


B<LabFrame> supports the same options as the
L<Frame|Tk::Frame/"STANDARD OPTIONS"> widget.

Additional options of B<LabFrame> are:

=over 4

=item B<-font> =E<gt> I<font>

Specifies the label's font

=item B<-foreground> =E<gt> I<color>

Specifies the label's foreground color

=item B<-label> =E<gt> I<text>

The text of the label to be placed with the Frame.

=item B<-labelside> =E<gt> I<where>

I<Where> can be one of B<left>, B<right>, B<top>, B<bottom> or B<acrosstop>.
The first four work as might be expected and place the label to the
left, right, above or below the frame respectively. The B<acrosstop>
creates a grooved frame around the central frame and puts the label
near the northwest corner such that it appears to "overwrite" the

=item B<-labelvariable> =E<gt> I<scalar_ref>

Specifies a reference to a variable and used as an 
alternative to -label. If the value of the variable changes,
then the widget will be updated automatically to reflect the
change. Used like -textvariable.



See L<Tk::mega/"Subwidget"> how to use advertised widgets.

=over 4

=item I<border>

  Frame used to display the border

=item I<frame>

  Frame used to create new LabFrame children. 

=item I<label>

  Label used for displaying text


=head1 EXAMPLE

Run the following test program to see this in action:

    use strict;
    use Tk;
    require Tk::LabFrame;
    require Tk::LabEntry;

    my $test = 'Test this';
    my $mw = Tk::MainWindow->new;
    my $f = $mw->LabFrame(-label => "This is a label",
			   -labelside => "acrosstop");
    $f->LabEntry(-label => "Testing", -textvariable => \$test)->pack;

=head1 BUGS

Perhaps B<LabFrame> should be subsumed within the generic pTk
labeled widget mechanism.

=head1 AUTHOR

B<Rajappa Iyer> rsi@earthling.net

This code is derived from LabFrame.tcl and LabWidg.tcl in the Tix4.0
distribution by Ioi Lam. The code may be redistributed under the same
terms as Perl.