tk8pod 800_005.10

  o pod/Entry
	more perlization
	make values in xview example less ambiguous

tk8pod 800_005.9

  o pod/place.pod pod/pack.pod pod/grid.pod pod/form.pod
	now use L<Tk::this|Tk::this> is SEE ALSO
  o pod/grid.pod
	some rephrasing due to tcl pack $w1 $w2 ... to
	perl $w1->grid($w2,...) translation

tk8pod 800_005.8

  o pod/mega.pod
	L<> corrections
	documented Subwidgets in array context

tk8pod 800_005.7

  o pod/mega.pod:
	applied Slavens typos fix patch

tk8pod 800_005.6

  o pod/mega.pod
	new document. first snapshot send to ptk list

tk8pod 800_005.5

  o pod/LabFrame.pod
	perlized and minor additions
  o pod/Scrolled.pod
	documented Advertised widgets
  o pod/configspec.pod
	some fixes

tk8pod 800_005.4

  o options, Tlist, Scrolled, DItem, Tree, DirTree:
	o various fixed found while checkin pTkref tar11

tk8pod 800_005.3

  o pod/UserGuide.pod: minimal fixes send to O'Reilly

tk8pod 800_005.2

  o DItem: perlized & markup fixes/addition

tk8pod 800_005.1

  o sync. with pod/ in Tk800.005

tk8pod 800_004.7

  o TixGrid:
	mention that TixGrid is alpha and buggy

tk8pod 800_004.6

  o tkpoddiff now relative to Nicks last downloaded
    version (25-Apr)
  o TixGrid:
	added POD skelton for missing option/methods
  o HList:
        fix in header() return value
  o focus:
	some Markup changes

tk8pod 800_004.5

  o pod/HList.pod

	o more perlized
	o fixed some typos
	o added missing info('dropsite') doc

tk8pod 800_004.4

  o pod/*Wm.pod
		o better perlized
		o fixed grid -> wmGrid
		o Mwm seem not to work

tk8pod 800_004.3

  o pod/HList.pod:	o more perlized
			o added L<BUGS> to add and item create
			  method desc.

tk8pod 800_004.2

  o pod/After.pod:	L<> and I<$id> fixes

tk8pod 800_004.1

  o included Nick's pod19980419 snapshot
    (same as Tk800.004)

tk8pod 800_003.13

  o Perlized Photo.pod (unfinished see TODO)
  o SEE ALSO addition and small fixes to Bitmap/Image

  o tkpoddiff now against version Nick grabbed 13-Apr-1998

tk8pod 800_003.12

  o fixed over #.   pod2html ignore num, pod2man use abs. value
    tkpod indent item but item text uses abs value  (all optical

  o fixed some missing backs and removed an unnecessary item/back
    pair in text.

tk8pod 800_003.11

  Replace L</[A-Z ]*> -> L<"..."

tk8pod 800_003.10

o Canvas.pod

	o perlized TCL term to perlish notation

	o added a very terse describtion of default bindings

	o added tcl diff to ptkdifftcl.pod

   More changes need (see TODO).  Some could be considered a
   misfeature/bug in perl/Tk.

tk8pod 800_003.9

o tidypod:
	fix unnecessary usage of E<gt> to get more readable out
	put and to save some bits :-)

	Tested here but not applied to keep diff smaller.
	Nick should do it.

tk8pod 800_003.8

o Changes:

	L<Tk::Widget> class  (, and the L<Tk::Wm> class.)?


	L<Tk::Widget|Tk::Widget> class  (, and the L<Tk::Wm|Tk::Wm> class.)?

  so pod2man gives right output.

tk8pod 800_003.7

o Pixmap & tkerror
	o minor POD markup changes

  !! tkerror enhancements still pending !!

tk8pod 800_003.6

o Tlist.pod: =item <N> fix & minor markup correction

tk8pod 800_003.5

o event.pod & bind.pod

	o added L<> from event <-> bind
	o minor perlize markup changes

tk8pod 800_003.4

o pod/Font.pod

	o perlized it.

        o '-displayof=>window' and 'defaults to mainwindow' removed

        o remove window defaults to widgets mainwindow  but mention font settings
          are *per* MainWindow

	o see TODO for 'unsolved' L<> stuff

tk8pod 800_003.3

o minor fixes to tkerror.pod.  Raised more question
  (see TODO) than I could solved :-(

tk8pod 800_003.2

o fixed L<> in SEE ALSO
o moved KEYWORDS after SEE ALSO for consistency

tk8pod 800_003.1

o sync with pod of Tk800.003

tk8pod 19980328.1

o TixGrid: should be okay beside missing peaces (marked with ???)

tk8pod 19980328.1

o sync with Nick's pod19980328.tar.gz

tk8pod version 0.8

o removed 'the section' to prevent dublication by pod2man

tk8pod version 0.7

Once through geometry mgr.  (See TODO)
o grid perlized'ed. move description from gridConfigure to
  grid.  Moved paragraph in grid() about already managed
  widgets above the option list.
o form improved perlization
o place "       "
o pack  "       "  and markup more like other geo.mgr

tk8pod version 0.6

Merged in my POD changes I did motnth ago
for the following docs:

o callbacks.pod
o configspec.pod
o composite.pod
o Configure.pod

Things I noticed during merge are collected in TODO

tk8pod version 0.5

o configspec (still not happy)

	o fixed wrong POD markup
	o sorted items of where
	o code examples now in C<> (too lazy to add all I<> B<>
	  in the first go
	o minor additions (e.g., add {-option=>$widget,...}

tk8pod version 0.4

o added Makefile.PL, CHANGES, TODO to repository

tk8pod version 0.3

o Text:

	o fixed window* methods and some other tcl remnants

tk8pod version 0.2

* TList:
	o  example to perl/Tk (example uncovers a bug. see comment)
	o  misc formatting

* HList:
	o  added ctdean's doc modification ( is in
	   (so I assume Tk::HList changes also)
	o  command -> method
	o  misc formatting

* DItem:
	o some spelling errors and updates

tk8pod version 0.1

* Nick pod.tar.gz (Mar 23, 1998)