This directory contains a collection of programs to demonstrate the
features of the Tk toolkit.  The programs are all scripts for Perl 5
with the "Tk" extension.  If Perl has been installed in /usr/local/bin
then you can invoke any of the programs in this directory just by
typing its file name to your command shell.  In particular, try the
`widget' program.
		A class module used by `bounce'.
		A class module used by `composite'.

		A bouncing ball simulation.

		A simple directory browser.  Invoke it with an argument
		giving the name of the directory you'd like to browse.
		Double-click on files or subdirectories to browse them.
		Control-c and control-q cause the program to exit.

	        Simple ColorEditor object example program.

		An example of a composite widget.

		An example of, a composite widget.

		Creates a single button;  if you click on it, a message
		is typed and the application terminates.

		A simple Tk-based wrapper for the "xset" program, which
		allows you to interactively query and set various X options
		such as mouse acceleration and bell volume.  Thanks to
		Pierre David for contributing this example.

		Allows you to "hook-up" remotely to any Tk application
		on the display.  Select an application with the menu,
		then just type commands:  they'll go to that application.

		A mock-up of a simple rolodex application.  It has much of
		the user interface for such an application but no back-end
		database.  This program was written in response to Tom
		LaStrange's toolkit benchmark challenge.

		Displays a seconds timer with start and stop buttons.
		Control-c and control-q cause it to exit.

		A sample program for Tom Christiansen (-:

		Contains a collection of demonstrations of the widgets
		currently available in the Tk library.  Most of the .pl
		files are scripts for individual demos available through
		the "widget" program (located in directory widget_lib).

		Old version of widget, non-hypertext-like.