Deal with global destruction in child processes. See RT #100399 and
commit 643f7446ab4c457efac4c2527cf893502d0a3b62: since perl 5.16, core
dumps may happen if exiting a child process connected to Tk windows
with exit().

Port all of Tcl/Tk test suite to Perl/Tk (text.test etc.). t/listbox.t
and t/entry.t was a beginning.

Should Tk::MsgBox be the default messageBox? Are there compatibility

Check all Tk-related bugs on

Minimize diffs to original Tcl/Tk sources to make merging easier.

Port message catalogs from Tcl/Tk to Perl/Tk.

Port tkText*.c changes, as there are some unicode-related fixes.

Widget review ( and done)

Pod review (Listbox.pod done, options.pod and Canvas.pod in the works,
others pending)

Create a xft test in font.t which tests measures of one or two
populate ttf fonts (e.g. bitstream vera and nimbus).

Try visual c+nmake build on MSWin32.

cygwin build seems to fail if doing in a directory with spaces, eg.
/cygdrive/c/documents and settings/...

Make parallel builds (make -jX ...) possible.


Create a new document Tk::unicode to explain common pitfalls with

Some FAQ entries should go into corresponging Pod documents. Maybe the
rest of the FAQ (renovated!) could go as Tk::faq into the
distribution. (See also ~eserte/src/ptkfaq/faq.html)

Document font('subfonts')?

Tk::tkvars: the versioning scheme documented here was already
abandonded in Tk800 and Tk804. There was a suggestion by Nick
Ing-Simmons to use the minor version as some kind of "API version" and
to have Perl/Tk releases with same minor versions but different major
versions API-compatible. I think this also won't stay, it will simply
be Tk805.000 when a new Tk built on Tcl/Tk 8.5 comes out.

BTW, the VERSIONS file seems to duplicate most of Tk::tkvars.

Either document $Tk::Config::xlib can be used to determine if XFT
support was built in. Or introduce a new variable for XFT and make the
tests use this one.

"selection conversion left too many bytes unconverted" panic: may be
reproduced by handling big (>= 4000 bytes) selections (containing
high-bit characters???). To reproduce:

    cat ~/.cshrc | perl -MTk -e '{local $/;$sel=<>;} $mw=tkinit; $mw->SelectionOwn(-selection => "CLIPBOARD"); $mw->SelectionHandle(-selection => "CLIPBOARD",sub { $sel });MainLoop'

And then CTRL-V in a Mozilla Textarea. (The example has a flow, it should be probably

    cat ~/.cshrc | perl -MTk -e '{local $/;$sel=<>;} $mw=tkinit; $mw->SelectionOwn(-selection => "CLIPBOARD"); $mw->SelectionHandle(-selection => "CLIPBOARD",sub { warn "@_"; return undef if $_[0]>length($sel); substr($sel,@_) });MainLoop'


Have a search path for libraries (LOCAL_PREFIX=/.../...)

Use pre-installed libjpeg and libpng, if existing on the system (and
maybe not older than the bundled libjpeg and libpng).

ptked: Encoding: have a "custom" menu which has all perl-available

Some test failures reported on Mac OS X 10.4.8 Tiger:
* canvas.t #84 (returned 255 instead of 215) (this failure also seen on CentOS and Altix)
* unicode.t #9 (Control-any not working with XDarwin?)

A lot of test failures with Altix, mostly core dumps.

ptked and gedi: introduce new +line option (like in vi or emacsclient)

Message-ID: <er80om$okm$> (Ch. Lamprecht): introduce new
option or method for global iconimages?

A double destroy would show an unfriendly error message including an
SV dump. Maybe remove the dump? And add "maybe the widget was already

Port windows/aqua specific style from Tk8.4 to

Is it easy to support non-base64 operation for Tk::JPEG and Tk::PNG?

XMouseWheelBind and YMouseWheelBind only sets mouse wheel bindings for
X11, not for Windows. Was this accidental or intended?

Add event_mask argument to SendClientMessage, so that the script in
could be implemented with Perl/Tk, too.

- Document the -wideselection option, or ignore it?
- Make sure that the last column always fits the whole HList? The
  itemWidth is set in tixHlist.c, function DrawOneElement, about line
  4003. This would check if i==wPtr->numColumns-1, if
  itemWidth+2*selBorderWidth is larger than the available widget space
  (how?) and adjust itemWidth.

- Fixes needing perl support

Tk::FBox should deal with 8bit characters in filenames (i.e. use byte
semantics in filesystem operations, maybe use system encoding when
displaying filenames, but with graceful degradation). The real
solution would need filesystem encoding support in perl, though.

getOpen/SaveFile/chooseDirectory has also encoding issues on Windows.
This is documented.

- Big projects

Make Perl/Tk thread-safe.

Make a native aqua port.

Port tk8.5.x

- OLDER ToDos, possibly still unresolved -----------------------------

Debug icon redraw issues on Solaris/olvwm

Add "make strip" target ?

Menubutton Alt-F issues on Win32 - fix or document?

Cache results in MakeDepend?

Do HTML build

Make "compiled" Tk scripts work.

Add one of FontSelect variants (e.g. Tk::FontDialog)

TixGrid repair/replace.

Release tkmail

Start tkdraw ;-)

Non-Sun Drag&Drop (e.g. linux) (Win32 Site now at least partly working.)

Stipple bug, see Message-ID: <2uwCb.683348$pl3.76050@pd7tw3no> (should
be fixed with Tk 8.4.5).

One can't use filenames with high-bit characters in the Photo constructor:
	$photo = $mw->Photo(-file => "high-bit-chars");

Add 'as_default_dir' support for chooseDirectory (similar to
'as_default' for get(Open|Save)File). Documentation missing.

Build and test with older perl releases.