Perl/Tk can be installed using:

    perl Makefile.PL
    make test
    make install

On Windows platform, replace make by either dmake or nmake. Please
read README-Strawberry.txt and README-ActiveState.txt for additional
information for Strawberry Perl respective ActivePerl.

Don't try a parallel build (e.g. using "make -jX") --- this won't work
yet, and may produce broken builds.

For other systems, please refer to the specific README.$OS file for
additional information.

After installation, a demonstration program may be started using:


Compiled third-party Perl/Tk modules have to be recompiled after
installing a new Perl/Tk version. Some known such modules are:
* Tk::TableMatrix
* Tk::Zinc
* Tk::TIFF
* Tk::Canvas::Point

Older and probabably outdated notes follow:

This file was pre-historic - so I have pruned it to the essentials,
and the bits that still looked correct.

With modern perl and you should be able to type:

perl -MCPAN -e shell
make NI-S/Tk800.0_01.tar.gz

Or do it by hand as follows:

get the Tk800.0_01.tar.gz file - use binary mode if FTP'ing.

Unpack it e.g.

zcat Tk800.0_01.tar.gz | tar xf -

cd to the directory distribution unpacks to.

perl Makefile.PL
make test

If Makefile.PL reports that it cannot find X, or chooses a version
you don't like you can specify a version on the command line:

perl Makefile.PL X11=/usr/local/X11R5

If X's include and lib are not under a common parent they can be specified

perl Makefile.PL X11INC=/usr/local/share/X11R5/include X11LIB=/usr/local/arch/X11R5/lib

'make test' is a little tedious as it re-checks all the dependencies.

perl -Mblib demos/widget

Does more-or-less the same thing.
You can also run the less polished 'demos' in the top level directory
the same way e.g.:

perl -Mblib basic_demo

You should now install using one of
the make targets:

make install       # normally site unless overridden as above

make INSTALLDIRS=perl  # Force perl

make INSTALLDIRS=site  # Force site

Above call these targets (which may not survive MakeMaker changes):

make install_site  # Force site
make install_perl  # Force perl

Once installed the demos in the demos sub-directory should run
(if #! line is right):



For static linking the following is how it is supposed to work
(I think, but I don't use static linking normally, this scheme
 worked as far as this on one trial under SunOS4.)

perl Makefile.PL
make tkperl
make test   # should work

This builds a perl with Tk statically linked in the Tk directory

./tkperl -Mblib demos/widget
./tkperl -Mblib basic_demo

should now work.

'make install' subject to discussion above is then done.
I don't want to try it on my system incase is breaks the dynamic version,
and it gets harder and harder to keep track of all the options.

You may also have to do :

make -f Makefile.aperl

And you will have to change #! line in demo scripts to .../bin/tkperl