Revision history for App-IniDiff-IniFile

## Release Notes ##

0.16    2019-04-02
        Conversion from 0.15 Regutils package here:

        add -o outfile to

0.15    March 5, 2014 Jeremy Squires

        Build system modified for Windows
            modified to work with Cygwin and gcc
            default compiler changed to gcc in Makefile
        added make_exes.bat for building Perl exes
            requires ActiveState Perl (tested on 5.8.9) and PDK 7.1
        Added binary distribution targets
        Fixed issue with Deletion of Upper Case Fields

0.14    Jan 6, 2014 Jeremy Squires

        inidiff add options
          -i ignore the case of comparisons.
          -M add ^M to output to support old (pre-NT) Windows/DOS systems 
            (old default, now optional).
          -c strip trailing inline comments after semicolon 
            (old default, now optional). add support for new options and ; comment character
        added internal documentation throughout
        Fixed a few compatibility bugs to support Perl 5.8
        inifilter added options
          -e  Exports the filter results to a text format (debug purposes)
          -p  Preserves the order of Ordered Field names
              (such as mod_1, mod_2, etc.)

0.11    Jan 6, 2014 Jeremy Squires

        fixes to the POD documentation were made
        added make targets to manage HTML docs
        added make targets to manage patching source files more efficiently
        added for those without sh


        patch from Jeff Muizelaar to fix empty hex values (regedit)
        regsort may now handle files with DOS style \r\n.


        patch from Jeff Muizelaar to fix exporting of win98 registeries.


        first public release (see README).