Revision history for Sub::Delete

1.00002  18 April, 2010
         delete_sub no longer leaks messages into $@.

1.00001  21 February, 2010
         A workaround for a %^H scoping bug in perl 5.10.0:  this was
         triggered by  Sub::Delete,  affecting  other  modules,  like

1.00000  15 November, 2009
         The only new feature in this release is that the version num-
         ber no longer begin with a zero.

0.03     7 September, 2009
       • Deleting a subroutine whose glob contains only that subroutine
         now deletes the glob  as  well,  so  ‘delete_sub 'clext'’  now
         fully undoes what ‘sub clext;’ does.
       • Deleting a subroutine that shared a glob with other  variables
         used to do an effective  ‘use vars’  on those variables.  This
         has been fixed.

0.02     2 September, 2008
         One bug fix: If you call delete_sub with a fully-qualified sub
         name (e.g., "Acme::Soap::wash"),  and there is another slot in
         use in the same glob  (e.g.,  @Acme::Soap::wash),  the  latter
         doesn’t get deleted anymore.

0.01     24 July, 2008
         First release