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Changes for version 0.05

  • • New features: • PDF 1.5 (Acrobat 6) cross-reference and object streams can now be read. (Hybrid-reference files are not fully sup- ported. The streams will be ignored.) • New decode_stream method. • API changes (all low-level): • get_obj now returns nothing for the null object (since null is supposed to be equivalent to a nonexistent entry; this should make code that calls it simpler). • Similarly, dictionary elements containing null are stripped at parse time. • The format of the xref hash has changed. It can now contain array refs (for objects in object streams). • Bug fixes: • parse_string with one argument no longer hangs if it encoun- ters an incomplete string token (e.g., ‘(foo’). • get_obj will now fetch the keys of a stream dictionary (e.g., $pdf->get_obj(qw< /Root /Pages /Kids 0 /Contents /Filter >)). • vivify_obj now correctly uses an empty parsed dictionary object for a stream’s second element, instead of a hash ref. • Conversion of flat objects into first-class objects (as advertised in the docs) actually works now. • Page-handling functions now work with PDFs that have nested page arrays.


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