Revision history for KSx::Search::WildCardQuery and ::RegexpTermQuery

0.05    17 June, 2009
        Updated to comply with changes that will be made  shortly  in
        KinoSearch svn trunk (now requires 4810). Thanks once more to
        Marvin Humphrey for providing a patch.

0.04    14 June, 2009
        Updated once more to comply with  recent  KinoSearch  changes
        (4798), including a speed optimisation.  Thanks to Marvin Hum-
        phrey for supplying the patch.

0.03    30 May, 2009
        Fixed  highlight_spans  to conform to  KinoSearch’s new inter-
        face (returns an array ref instead of list)

0.02    10 May, 2009
        Updated to work with the latest KinoSearch working copy  (now
        requires 4596)

0.01    1 March, 2008
        First release