Revision history for KSx::Highlight::Summarizer

0.06    21 May, 2009
        Updated to work with the latest KinoSearch working copy  (now
        requires 4604)

0.05    10 May, 2009
        Updated to work with KinoSearch revision 4551 (now
        requires 4496)

0.04    26 March, 2008
        Just bug fixes:
      • A highlighted word at the beginning or end of an indexed field
        used to warn in page break mode.
      • In summary and page break mode,  an ellipsis at the end of one
        excerpt would cause the start of the following excerpt,  if it
        occurred on another page, not to be trimmed to a word boundary
        and not to have an ellipsis mark after the page marker, unless
        there were a sentence boundary to trim to.

0.03    14 March, 2008
        One bug fix:  In ‘page break mode’  (when there is a page han-
        dler),  an excerpt that trails on to the next  page  is  trun-
        cated  (starting excerpt_length * 2/3 chars before the end of
        the excerpt)  to just before the page break  (this is  a  fea-
        ture).  Before,  the text from the starting point up to  (and
        including) the page break would be deleted instead.

0.02    2 March, 2008
      • Updated to work with the current working copy of KinoSearch
        (it no longer works with revisions earlier than 3091)
      • encoder now expects a code ref
      • formatter has been replaced with pre_tag and post_tag

0.01    8 February, 2008
        First release