Revision history for KSx::Analysis::StripAccents

0.05    10 May, 2009
        Modified to work with the latest devel  revision  (4551)  of
        KinoSearch  (while still maintaining backward compatibility)

0.04    4 March, 2008
        Letters that have more than one lowercase form, but one capi-
        tal form (such as sigma), are now normalised properly.

0.03    10 February, 2008
        Fixed the tests to work on KinoSearch 0.20_051 (they used to
        work only on the devel version, revisions 2957 and later)

0.02    9 February, 2008
        Forgot to declare the dependency on KinoSearch version 0.2.
        Now it’s in there.

0.01    8 February, 2008
        First release