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Changes for version 0.062

  • Bug fixes: • Object literals (aka object constructors) now allow a trail- ing comma, as in ‘{foo: 123,}’ (RT #83661). • Regular expression literals now allow unescaped slashes in character classes (i.e., /[^/]/) (RT #83661).


JavaScript types and objects


Pure-Perl ECMAScript (JavaScript) Engine
JavaScript boolean value
ECMAScript parser and code executor for JE
Experimental destructor for JE
JavaScript lvalue class
JavaScript null value
JavaScript number value
Base class for all JavaScript objects
JavaScript Array object class
JavaScript Boolean object class
JavaScript Date object class
JavaScript Error object class
JavaScript RangeError object class
JavaScript ReferenceError object class
JavaScript SyntaxError object class
JavaScript TypeError object class
JavaScript URIError object class
JavaScript function class
JavaScript Math object
JavaScript Number object class
JS wrapper for Perl objects
JavaScript regular expression (RegExp object) class
JavaScript String object class
Framework for customising JE's parser
JavaScript scope chain (what makes closures work)
JavaScript string value
JavaScript undefined value
This module is solely for JE's private use.
Pure-Perl ECMAScript (JavaScript) engine


in lib/JE/Code.pm
in lib/JE/Code.pm
in lib/JE/Code.pm
in lib/JE/Code.pm
in lib/JE/Object/Function.pm
in lib/JE/Object/Function.pm
in lib/JE/Object/Proxy.pm