=head1 NAME

HTML::DOM::Element::Option - A Perl class for representing 'option' elements in an HTML DOM tree

=head1 VERSION

Version 0.054


  use HTML::DOM;
  $doc = HTML::DOM->new;
  $elem = $doc->createElement('select');

  # $elem->add(...)    # not yet
  # $elem->remove(...) # implemented

  $elem->options; # a list of 'option' elements

  $elem->name('foo') # set attribute
  $elem->type;       # get attribute
  # etc.


This class implements 'select' elements in an HTML::DOM tree. It 
implements the HTMLSelectElement DOM interface and inherits from 
L<HTML::DOM::Element> (q.v.).

=head1 METHODS

In addition to those inherited from HTML::DOM::Element and its 
superclasses, this class implements the following DOM methods:

=over 4

=item defaultSelected

=item disabled

=item label

Each of these returns the corresponding HTML attribute (the 'selected'
attribute in the case of C<defaultSelected>). If you 
pass an
argument, it will become the new value of the attribute, and the old value
will be returned.

=item form

Returns the form containing this input element.

=item text

Returns the option's text label.

=item index

Returns the index of this option in it's 'select' element's C<options>
array. You can pass an argument to set it. In that case, the option will be
moved to a different place in the tree. (This is actually contrary to the
DOM Level 2 specification, which makes it read-only, but Level 1 supported
this, and I find feature deletion very disagreeable.)

=item selected

Returns a boolean indicating whether the option is selected. If an argument
is passed, it becomes the new state and the old is returned.

=item value

Returns the value of the option, that is, the 'value' attribute, if
present, or the text content otherwise.

If the calling package 
is HTML::Form or
WWW::Mechanize, the return value will be undef if the option is not 
With an undef argument the option will be deselected. If an argument is 
that is the same as the value, the box will be checked. If any
other argument is passed, it will die.


In addition, the following methods are provided for compatibility with C<WWW::Mechanize>:

=over 4

=item type

Returns the string 'option'.

=item name

Returns the name of the enclosing 'select' element.

=item possible_values

This returns a list with C<undef> for the first element and the option's
value for the second.

=item form_name_value

Returns a list of two items: (0) the name of the field and (1) the value,
*if* it is selected.


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