=head1 NAME

HTML::DOM::Element::Frame - A Perl class for representing frame elements in an HTML DOM tree

=head1 VERSION

Version 0.054


  use HTML::DOM;
  $doc = HTML::DOM->new;
  $elem = $doc->createElement('frame');

  $elem->frameBorder(1); # set attribute
  $elem->longDesc;       # get attribute
  # etc


This class implements frame elements in an HTML::DOM tree. It 
implements the HTMLFrameElement DOM interface and inherits from 
L<HTML::DOM::Element> (q.v.).

=head1 METHODS

In addition to those inherited from HTML::DOM::Element and its 
superclasses, this class implements the following DOM methods:

=over 4

=item frameBorder

=item longDesc

=item marginHeight

=item marginWidth

=item name

=item noResize

=item scrolling

=item src

Each of these returns the corresponding HTML attribute. If you pass an
argument, it will become the new value of the attribute, and the old value
will be returned.

=item contentWindow

This returns nothing by default. You can assign to it by passing an

=item contentDocument

This returns the C<< $elem->contentWindow->document >>, or an empty list if
there is no C<contentWindow>.


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