Revision history for Font::GlyphNames

1.00000  22 November, 2009
         Version 1 at last!
         (No changes apart from the version number.)

0.03a    18 October, 2008
         No changes to the module (its version is still 0.03);  fixed
         a test to work on Windows (hopefully!).

0.03     29 May, 2008
         This is now a beta release. Changes are as follows:
         • You can now import all functions with the :all tag.
         • The constructor for the OO interface now  accepts  hashref
           syntax, allowing one to
           • customise the ‘reject’  character output by name2str and
           • have custom glyph lists searched for in @INC.
         • name2str  in scalar context now concatenates the  list  of
           characters/strings,  if there is more than one (instead of
           returning the last one, which was not particularly useful).
         • name2ord,  str2name,  ord2name and  ord2ligname  have been
         • name2str now correctly validates uXXXXX glyph names.
         • name2str  now correctly validates hex digits  (it used  to
           allow Thai, Tamil, etc.)
         • COPYFILE_DISABLE=1  has been added to Makefile.PL as a fix
           for RT #35604 (resource forks). Thanks to Slaven Rezić for
           reporting this.

0.02     1 January, 2007
         Pre-alpha version. Only the name2str function has been imple-
         mented. It has a very minor bug.
0.01     31 December, 2006
         I forgot to include a MANIFEST file, and then ran 'make dist'
         and uploaded an empty file to CPAN! Duh!