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Changes for version 2.0002

  • Error messages from DBM::Deep now use the caller’s file name. They used incorrectly to use the name of the program ($0).
  • begin_work now checks correctly to see whether the new transac- tion exceeds the number the file was created to support. Some- times it would allow a few more transactions, and then proceed to corrupt the database (RT#60903).
  • The description of the file header in DBM::Deep::Internals has been brought up to date.


in lib/DBM/Deep/Array.pm
in lib/DBM/Deep/Engine/DBI.pm
in lib/DBM/Deep/Hash.pm
in lib/DBM/Deep/Iterator/DBI.pm
in lib/DBM/Deep/Iterator/File.pm
in lib/DBM/Deep/Sector.pm
in lib/DBM/Deep/Sector/DBI.pm
in lib/DBM/Deep/Sector/DBI/Reference.pm
in lib/DBM/Deep/Sector/DBI/Scalar.pm
in lib/DBM/Deep/Sector/File.pm
in lib/DBM/Deep/Sector/File/BucketList.pm
in lib/DBM/Deep/Sector/File/Data.pm
in lib/DBM/Deep/Sector/File/Index.pm
in lib/DBM/Deep/Sector/File/Null.pm
in lib/DBM/Deep/Sector/File/Reference.pm
in lib/DBM/Deep/Sector/File/Scalar.pm
in lib/DBM/Deep/Storage.pm
in lib/DBM/Deep/Storage/DBI.pm