Revision history for CSS::DOM

0.17    29 January, 2018
      • Fixed to work with bleadperl (5.27.9) (RT #124156).

0.16    29 November, 2015
      • Work  around  an  incompatible  change  in  Encode  2.77  (RT
        #107221, #107043).
      • Specify Encoding in POD.  Thanks to Gregor Herrmann  for  the
        patch (RT #85955).

0.15    21 October, 2012
      • compute_style  no longer produces an uninitialized warning if
        the element’s own style attribute has a  property  for  which
        there is no applicable property with the  same  name  in  the
        style sheets (RT #79855).
      • A minor backtracking bug in CSS::DOM::PropertyParser has been
        fixed.  If a format for a list property can still match after
        backtracking past a capturing group,  then extra items  (from
        the pre-backtracking matches)  will end up in the list.  This
        can happen with  property  formats  like  ‘[(foo) | (foo),]+’.
        Any such format would  be  more  efficient  when  written  as
       ‘[(foo),?]+’, which does not exhibit the bug.

0.14    12 December, 2010
      • The full text of the licence is now included in the  distribu-
        tion.  Thanks to Ville Skyttä for providing  it  (RT  #60770).
      • A few pod syntax errors have been corrected,  thanks to Nicho-
        las Bamber (RT #63388).
      • CSS::DOM::PropertyParser  has been fixed to  work  with  perl
        5.13.8 and higher.
      • New getStringValue method of CSS::DOM::Value::Primitive

0.13    22 August, 2010
        Oops.  Fix another problem,  introduced in 0.12.  I forgot to
        add  a  file  to  MANIFEST.  (I  *thought*  I  had  run  make

0.12    22 August, 2010
        Fix dependency problem introduced in 0.11. (I tried to remove
        the dependency on constant::lexical,  gave up and reverted my
        changes, but forgot to add it back to Makefile.PL.  Oh well.)

0.11    15 August, 2010
      • setStringValue  and  setFloatValue  are  now  listed  in
      • CSS::DOM::Style’s  opacity  property is  now  listed  in
        CSS::DOM::Interface. (This is a temporary workaround for
        a design flaw.)

0.10    28 March, 2010
      • New setFloatValue and setStringValue methods of CSS::DOM::Val-
      • Bug fix: CSS::DOM::Value::Primitive’s cssText did not set the
        value when passed an argument if the  existing  value  was  a
        string and there was no existing serialisation  recorded  (as
        happens if you call the constructor directly  without  provid-
        ing the css argument).
      • Bug fix:  Sub-value objects of a list value  used  to  become
       ‘unowned’ if their type changed (via cssText assignment),  mak-
        ing further modification attempts fail.

0.09    21 February, 2010
      • The property parser no longer gets confused in cygwin’s  perl
        5.10.0@34065 (maint;  aka ee8a906) when an rgb() colour comes
        after something else in a property value.  This bug also  pro-
        duced warnings.
      • The property parser in cygwin’s perl no longer  gets  offsets
        muddled  up  when  a  shorthand  property’s  format  contains
        <colour> within a parenthetical group,  the  <colour>  is not
        the first thing in  the  group  (e.g.,  ‘(<ident> <colour>)’),
        and a value  assigned  has  a  colour  in  hex  format  (e.g.,
       ‘honey #bee’,  which would cause just ‘#bee’,  not ‘honey #bee’
        to be assigned to the subproperty).
      • The property parser used  to  produces  warnings  and  create
        CSS_CUSTOM value objects instead of ‘primitives’ when a short-
        hand property was assigned to that had named  properties  [RT
        #54809]. This only occurred in perl 5.10.0. It turns out that
        this perl version’s  $^N  is more buggy than I  realised  and
        it’s not just cygwin’s  maint  snapshot  that  needs  special
      • CSS::DOM::Style’s  length  method no longer dies if no proper-
        ties have been added [RT #54810].

0.08    22 November, 2009
      • Incompatible change:  CSS::DOM::Value’s and CSS::DOM::Value::
        Primitive’s constructors’ interfaces have changed.  They  now
        take hash-style arguments.
      • CSSPrimitiveValue  objects  for  colours  are  now  supported.
      • %CSS::DOM::Constants::SuffixToConst,  mapping  dimension  suf-
        fixes to constants
      • CSS::DOM::Value::Primitive  now implements the Rect  and  RGB-
        Color interfaces.
      • CSS::DOM::Value::List  has  been  added.  It  implements  the
        CSSValueList interface.
      • CSS::DOM::Value::Primitive no longer inherits from CSS::DOM::
        Value, but claims that it DOES it.
      • getPropertyCSSValue now works with list properties.
      • CSS::DOM::Style’s property_parser method
      • CSS::DOM::Value::Primitive’s primitiveType and  getFloatValue
      • CSS::DOM::Primitive’s and CSS::DOM::Value’s  cssText  methods
        are now writable.
      • Assigning to a shorthand property  (like border-top)  a value
        (like 'inset')  that causes some sub-properties to have their
        initial values now deletes any  implied  sub-properties  that
        do not have default values (like border-top-color).  (If that
        makes  no  sense  to  you,  see  the  tests  at  the  end  of
      • Fixed to be compatible with 5.10.0@34065 (maint; aka ee8a906),
        which is included with cygwin.

0.07    16 August, 2009
      • Support for specifications that describe  which  properties
        are supported and  also  the  syntax  of  shorthand  proper-
        ties  (CSS::DOM::PropertyParser  was  added;  CSS::DOM  and
        CSS::DOM::Style constructors now take more args)
      • Incompatible change:  CSS::DOM::Value is no longer used  with-
        out a property spec.
      • CSS::DOM has two new methods, url_fetcher and property_parser,
        which return what was passed to the constructor.
      • Bug fix  (broken in  0.06):  Assigning to a property an empty
        string or a string beginning with whitespace or a CSS comment
        no longer causes an error.
      • Bug fix:  Assigning whitespace to a property now  deletes  it.
      • Bug fix:  getPropertyCSSValue  used to  return  the  same  as
        getPropertyValue the *second*  time it was called for a given
        property, due to a weird caching problem.
      • compute_style now considers user-agent  !important rules more
        important that user and author normal rules.  CSS 2.1 doesn’t
        say what to do with those,  but I just found that CSS 2 speci-
        fies it clearly.

0.06    8 April, 2009
      • The CSSCharsetRule interface has been added.
      • There is a new module named  CSS::DOM::Util,  which,  so  far,
        provides functions for dealing with CSS  escapes  and  string
        and URL tokens.
      • The  CSSStyleDeclaration  interface  is  now  complete
        (CSS::DOM::Style’s getPropertyCSSValue, removeProperty,
        getPropertyPriority,  length  and  item  methods  have
        been added).
      • Property priorities (i.e., the !important thingy)
      • CSS::DOM::Style’s setProperty  method now dies when passed an
        invalid value.
      • The CSSValue interface has been completed. (CSS::DOM::Value’s
        constructor actually works  [it only applies  to  CSS_INHERIT
        and  CSS_CUSTOM  value types]  and the interface methods have
        been added.)
      • CSS::DOM::Value::Primitive now supports counters, attr values
        and rects.
      • New module:  CSS::Constants, where all the DOM constants have
        been moved
      • Highly-experimental compute_style function

0.05    2 September, 2008
      • CSS::DOM now detects the encoding of CSS files and decodes
        them (if you ask it to).
      • CSS::DOM::Style  has  a  non-standard  (i.e., non-DOM)
        modification_handler method that allows the assignment
        of a handler that is called whenever the style  object
        is modified or one of its sub-objects.

0.04    20 August, 2008
      • CSS::DOM::Style’s setProperty method now works when ::Style is
        loaded before ::Parser.
      • The CSSFontFaceRule interface has been added.

0.03    19 August, 2008
      •  is no longer used.  The  parsing  interface  has
        changed. None of the methods can be used
        any more  (read_string,  etc.).  Use CSS::DOM::parse and
        CSS::DOM::Style::parse instead (actually,  these are con-
        structors so  you  should  normally  use  these  instead
        of ‘new’).
      • CSS rules no longer overload stringification.  That was some-
        thing inherited from’s CSS::Style. If anyone wants me
        to add it back, I can.
      • CSS::DOM::Rule’s constructor’s interface has changed, and now
        accepts the parent rule or style sheet as the  only  argument.
        (It used to inherit a constructor from CSS::Style).
      • CSS::DOM::Rule::Style has its selectorText method, so the
        CSSStyleRule interface is complete.
      • CSS::DOM::Rule now has its parentRule and parentStyleSheet
        methods, so the CSSRule interface is complete.
      • Started the CSSValue class. So far the constants and a con-
        structor (doesn’t work yet) exist.
      • Started the CSSPrimitiveValue class. So far the constants, the
        constructor and the cssText method (currently read-only)  have
        been implemented.  Counters,  rects,  and rgb() colors are not
        yet supported.  This is not actually used by the other modules
        yet, but you can play with it. It’s quite buggy.
      • The CSSMediaRule, CSSPageRule and CSSImportRule interfaces
        have been added.
      • CSS::DOM’s ownerRule and parentStyleSheet methods are actually
        capable of return useful  values  now  that  CSSImportRule  is
      • The CSS::DOM::StyleDecl module has been renamed to ::Style.
      • The CSS::DOM  constructor now accepts the named argument
       ‘url_fetcher’, which can be passed a coderef that will be
        called by @import rules.
      • CSS::DOM’s ownerNode now returns an empty list in list context
        instead of (undef), if there is no owner.

0.02    19 May, 2008
      • CSS::DOM  now has its title  and  media  methods  (so  the
        StyleSheet interface has been completed) and its ownerRule,
        insertRule and deleteRule methods (the CSSStyleSheet inter-
        face is now complete).
      • CSS::DOM::MediaList and CSS::DOM::StyleSheetList have
        been added.
      • CSS::DOM::Rule now has type and cssText methods (the CSSRule
        interface is complete).

0.01    23 December, 2007
        First release