1.07  2012-01-16
    * Add 'mozjs185' package-config file support, seen in Ubuntu 11 
      - Thanks to Christiaan Kras for his report and help with testing.
    * Add support for XulRunner 9, that reintroduces visible JSScript and JS::Value
    * Fix for perls compiled without 64bit support, broken in 1.05

1.06  2011-10-12
    * Fix support for SM < 1.8.0 broken in 1.05
    * Add support for new SM 1.8.5 (post July 2011) with missing JS_HasArrayLength
      seen in xulrunner >= 7
      - Thanks to Simone for the report.
    * Add JSPL->does_support_anonfunfix for detect SM's support of recently removed
      JSOPTION_ANONFUNFIX and fix t/14-roundtrip-function.t that broke.

1.05  2011-07-29
    * Add support for _released_ SM 1.8.5 (js185-1.0.0 official tar ball)
    * Include some workarounds for possible floating point types mismatch.

1.04  2011-05-09
    * Fix tests for newer perls
    * Fix constant handling in SM::ByteCode
    * Protect 'new PerlSub' with check_privileges
    * Add a CommonJS oriented runtime
1.03  2010-06-25
    * Big rename JSP -> JSPL, to avoid clash with "JavaServer Pages".
      Its hurts but as sooner as easy.

1.02  2010-06-24
    * Separate documentation for JS programmers.
    * Export some SM constants to perl land.
    * Add SM::Opcode and SM::ByteCode for more robust bytecode handling.
    * Work around for a broken pkg-config in freebsd
    * Made set_branch_handler availability testable
    * Add CTX::Timeout

1.01  2010-06-14
    * JSP::Stash->allow_from_js now returns the previous state
    * A pair of tests in t/29-exceptions.t relaxed to cope with 5.13.1
    * Add couple of low level functions for inspect Script's prologue, needed for
    * Makefile.PL will try hard to find a SpiderMonkey.
    * Remove duplicated code
    * Fix some problems with perl 5.8
    * Fix Win32 build

1.00  2010-06-07

     This is a fork from Claes Jakobsson's perl JavaScript module.
     Although almost every area was revamped, we try hard to be fully backward
     compatible, but you should read the documentation.

     The following are the most visible changes:

    - All that you cat expect to be passed by reference between both
      interpreters are now not "converted" but passed encapsulated in
      specialized classes and are "alive".
    - All Perl classes are exportable to JavaScript. Think (mouth-watering):

	var DBI = Sys.require('DBI');
	var handler = DBI.connect(...);

    - New "questions free" building mechanism.
    - Builds against SpiderMonkey 1.7.0 up to (unreleased) 1.8.5 as found in
      Gecko 1.9.3.
    - Improved exception handling.
    - Perl can access and manipulate JavaScript's 'this'.
    - Full support for utf8 even when SpiderMonkey wasn't compiled with support
      for it.
    - The code is modularized, some subsystems are only loaded on demand.
    - A command line 'jspl' JavaScript shell included for standalone apps execution.
    - Much bigger test battery. Grown from 311 to over 900 tests. 
    - Revised and extender documentation.
    - Many bugs fixed.