Revision history for Perl extension Riji

v1.0.0 2022-01-02T06:45:13Z
    - v1 grand release

v0.9.15 2022-01-02T06:25:28Z
    - No code changes
    - Enhance documents
    - change default branch to main from master

v0.9.14 2022-01-01T19:08:47Z
    - No code changes, adjust CI/CD only

v0.9.13 2022-01-01T18:59:31Z
    - No code changes, adjust CI/CD only

v0.9.12 2022-01-01T18:08:50Z
    - No code changes, adjust CI/CD only

v0.9.11 2022-01-01T18:01:53Z
    - Add Dockerfile
    - In riji publish, take care of the case where the host of the target URL is undefined

v0.9.10 2021-05-30T15:52:48Z
    - adjust atom format

v0.9.9 2021-05-29T15:52:24Z
    - fix default branch detection for following newer Git
    - fix author field in Atom

v0.9.8 2016-04-17T08:29:51Z

    - depends on MIME::Base32 1.301 or later and fix code around incompatible changes of it. fix #19

v0.9.7 2015-04-12T12:55:49Z

    - support Front-matter

v0.9.6 2015-04-11T17:07:51Z

    - [Experimental] support for user defined functions

v0.9.5 2015-03-21T13:12:01Z

    - allow dot for entry filename
    - use XML::FeedPP::Util::epoch_to_w3cdtf() for build published element in Atom

v0.9.4 2015-03-18T07:08:40Z

    - remove entry title from content element in Atom

v0.9.3 2015-03-18T03:09:31Z

    - specify type="html" to content element in Atom explicitly for avoiding garble

v0.9.2 2015-01-25T08:22:53Z

    - depend on App::Wallflower 1.005 or later and simplify the code
    - remove deps on File::Which, use IPC::Cmd::can_run() instaad
    - fixing deps

v0.9.1 2015-01-12T09:22:39Z

    - fix failing tests in where Riji is not installed
    - depends on Path::Tiny 0.0061 or later

v0.9.0 2015-01-12T07:12:41Z

    - [Incompatible] riji new-entry/publish/server fails unless riji.yml exists
    - remove Alpha declaration
    - add Riji::Model::Article#permalink
    - enhancement tests
    - switch Module::Build::Tiny for packaging

v0.4.2 2015-01-08T07:20:32Z

    - explicitly defined Riji->base_dir which is current directory
    - [bugfix] skip scanning mailto: links in publish phase
    - suppress exception in publish phase

v0.4.1 2015-01-07T09:43:50Z

    - [bunfix] Fix wrong date format in Atom (hitode909++)
    - it is enough just to use URI->new_abs so remove deps Path::Canonical

v0.4.0 2015-01-03T15:43:38Z

    - `git publish` is prohibited only when `entry_dir` is dirty index, not all files in repository
    - [Experimental] entry directory can have subdirectories now

v0.3.2 2015-01-02T15:41:48Z

    - riji setup now generates .gitignore and cpanfile
    - depend on Path::Canonical
    - announce --force option when `riji publish` failed

v0.3.1 2015-01-02T07:34:52Z

    - [bugfix] care relative links

v0.3.0 2015-01-01T18:53:51Z

    - depends on Puncheur v0.3.0 or later
    - remove urgency replacing urls processes
    - add Riji::CLI::Publish::Scanner
    - fix Article#site_path and remove Entry#site_path
    - move `url` from Entry to Article.

v0.2.0 2014-12-26T06:39:52Z

    - [Experimental][feature] riji publish --force (trapple++)
    - change version declaration way

0.1.3 2014-08-06T10:15:59Z

    - `git symbolic-ref --short` is available after git 1.7.10, so care older version when publishing.

0.1.2 2014-08-06T08:51:04Z

    - stable sort order of Blog::tags()

0.1.1 2014-05-23T10:50:25Z

    - create dir unless article/entry (monmon++)

0.1.0 2014-05-17T08:17:13Z

    - depends on Puncheur 0.1.0

0.0.14 2014-05-06T04:29:06Z

    - [bugfix] Set more exact repository path if when `base_dir` is different from `repo_dir` (karupanerura)

0.0.13 2014-01-12T03:43:21Z

    - [bugfix] riji publish failed in some Operating systems which has case-sensitive filesystem (tsucchi)

0.0.12 2013-12-30T05:41:44Z

    - add repository status checks when `riji publish`

0.0.11 2013-10-08T17:05:49Z

    - add $config->{markup} (now, you can use Text::Markdown::Hoedown! etc.)

0.0.10 2013-09-10T03:17:24Z

    - refactor CLI::Publish/CLI::Setup
    - refactor tag handling in Model::Entry
    - fix Entry#file_history

0.0.9 2013-08-15T14:39:55Z

    - depend on App::Wallflower for `riji publish`

0.0.8 2013-08-10T06:40:35Z

    - depend on Text::Markdown::Discount 0.10 and use `with_html5_tags()`
    - parse === --- style h1 h2 as blog entry title

0.0.7 2013-08-05T13:06:37Z

    - fix deps
    - support multibyte tags (Experimental)

0.0.6 2013-08-03T15:22:56Z

    - fix deps
    - fix infinite loop in CLI::NewEntry

0.0.5 2013-08-01T17:09:23Z

    - update default template
    - include another template file in md file

0.0.4 2013-07-29T16:54:18Z

    - set max_wait to 5 seconds for Net::EmptyPort::wait_port in CLI::Publish
    - add $config->{publish_dir}
    - arrangement cpanfile
    - not git init if .git exists
    - add $config->{branch}
    - fix template

0.0.3 2013-07-29T10:45:14Z

    - add subcommand `% riji new-entry`
    - fix permissions of files generated by `% riji setup`
    - fix templates (uri_for handling)

0.0.2 2013-07-29T00:49:06Z

    - add uri attrribute to generator element in Atom
    - update repository information
    - not use 5.010, use feature ':5.10' instead
    - use strict and remove use utf8

0.0.1 2013-07-28T17:49:58Z

    - original version