1.03 08 Oct 2020 - Relicensed under MIT License. Maintainer info updated.
                    Build configs updated. GitHub repo meta added.
                    Added 'use warnings'

 1.02 17 Sep 2005 - Extended tests to 100% coverage. Fixed bugs in 'exists'.
                    Fixed returned value for undefined values and handling
                    of setting undefined values. Miscellaneous code cleanups
                    and streamlining. Added examples to clarify what the
                    module actually does and why it is useful.

                    Extended the 'new' method to permit the efficient importing
                    of a pre-existing hash or hash reference.

 1.01 16 Sep 2005 - Restoring POD was that went missing from 1.00 upload.
                    Added META.yml to MANIFEST.
 1.00 15 Sep 2005 - Reorganized and clarified documentation, added build tests.
                    Fixed bug in 'exists' support.

 0.41 09 Jun 1999 - Minor documentation changes.

 0.40 04 May 1999 - Renamed to 'Tie::ListKeyedHash' after discussion on
                    comp.lang.perl.module and added (on the suggestion of
                    Ilya Zakharevich, <ilya@math.ohio-state.edu>) support
                    for using the tie hash as $hash{'key1','key2','key3'}
                    as well as its native mode of $hash{['key1','key2','key3']}

 0.20 30 Apr 1999 - Initial public release as 'Tie::ArrayHash'