1.06 2020.10.08  - Changed license to MIT License. Updated maintainer info.
                   Updated build files. Added GitHub repo meta to build.
                   Changed minimum supported version of Perl to 5.6.

1.05 2005.09.13  - Changes to pod tests to make them more CPANTS friendly.
                   No functional changes.

1.04 2005.09.13  - Removed use of lexical warnings pragma to fix compatibility
                   with Perl 5.005.

                   Fixed minor typographical errors in documentation.

1.03 2005.09.10 - Changed build test to handle difference in treatment of hashes
                  in scalar context between 5.6.x and 5.8.x versions of Perl that
                  caused a test failure under Perl 5.6.x.

1.02 2005.09.08 - Added build tests. Major code cleanup. Improved platform portability.
                  Added and documented 'cache_dir', 'keep_last' and 'number_of_entries'
                  methods. Added Module::Build support.

1.01 1999.12.09 - Added detainting in internal cache maintaining
                  functions to evade Taint's tainting
                  of filenames read via readdir().