1.00 1999.06.16 - Initial release

 1.01 1999.06.17 - Documentation fixes and fix to 'close' method in

 1.02 1999.06.18 - Major bugfix to locking system.
                   Performance tweaking. Roughly 3x improvement.

 1.03 1999.06.30 - Documentation fixes.

 1.04 1999.07.01 - Documentation fixes and caching system bugfixes.
                   (never publically released)

 1.05 1999.10.20 - Altered ranking computation on search results

 1.06 1999.10.20 - Removed 'use attrs' usage to improve portability

 1.08 2000.01.25 - Bug fix to multi database code and documentation updates

 1.09 2000.03.23 - Bug fix to 'Search::InvertedIndex::DB:DB_File_SplitHash' submodule
                   to manage case where 'open' is not performed before 'close' is called.

 1.10 2000.07.05 - Delayed loading of serializer and added option to select
                   which serializer (Storable or Data::Dumper) to use at instance 'new' time.
                   This should allow module to be loaded by mod_perl via the 'PerlModule'
                   conf directive and enable use on platforms that do not support
                   'Storable' (such as Macintosh).

 1.11 2000.11.29 - Added 'Search::InvertedIndex::DB::Mysql' (authored by
                   Michael Cramer <cramer@webkist.com>) database driver
                   to package.

1.12 2002.04.09 - Squashed bug in removal of an index from a group when the index doesn't
                  exist in that group that caused index counts for the group to be decremented
                  in error.

1.13 2003.09.28 - Iterim release. Fixed false error return from 'first_key_in_group' for a group
                  that has not yet had any keys set.  Tightened calling
                  parm parses. Tweaked performance of preload updating code.
                  Added taint fix for stringifier identifier.
                  This release was driven by the taint issue and the clear bug as crisis items.
                  Hopefully a 1.14 release will be in the not too distant future.

1.14 2003.11.14 - Patch to the MySQL database driver to accomodate changes in DBD::mysql.
                  Addition of a test for MySQL functionality, Patch and test thanks to
                  Kate L Pugh <kake@earth.li>.

1.15 2020.09.27 - Updates to build tooling. Addition of 'use warnings'

1.16 2020.09.27 - Fixed permissions for Build.PL and Makefile.PL. Added strict and warnings to

1.17 2020.09.27 - Added LICENSE file to MANIFEST