1.06 2020.09.27     - Fix repository path errors in Build.PL

  1.05 2020.09.26     - Permissions fix for build tools (Build.PL / Makefile.PL)

  1.04 2020.09.26     - Maintainer update. Relicensed under the MIT License.
                        Minor tweaks to build process. Added meta_merge
                        information for GitHub. Added 'use warnings'.
  1.03 2008.07.22     - Updated for ModPerl2 compatibility

  1.02 2005.10.08     - Extended test coverage to 100% of code, fixed bug
                       with the 'stripleadingslash', 'striptrailingslash'
                       code, added documentation of all instantation parameters
                       to 'new' method, fixed missing 'Build.PL' declaration
                       in MANIFEST. Fixed mis-calls of 'croak' after delayed
                       load in error paths.

  1.01 2005.09.30    - Seperated POD into .pod file. Added more build tests.
                       Added Build.PL, META.yml, GPL_License.txt, 
                       Artistic_License.txt, LICENSE. Deferred loading
                       of Carp and HTML::Entities unless needed.
                       Removed dependency on 'vars'.  Fixed error in output
                       HTML from the 'calling_parms_table' method.

                       Extended documentation to explain what the module
                       is used for more clearly.
  1.00 22 July 2000 - Initial public release.