Revision history for Alien::sqlite

1.07 2022-09-19
    - Share builds:
      - Install sqlite 3.39.3
      - Avoid calling Path::Tiny::path on undef entries on Windows (GH#4)

1.06 2020-05-24
    - Add probe for sqlite3 binary.
    - Share installs on Windows: Remove any /usr/bin from path
      if it is not the one used by Alien::MSYS.

1.05 2020-05-02
    - Share installs on Windows: Remove .../Git/usr/bin from the path before
      running configure (GH#3)

1.04 2020-04-14
    - Set sqlite target version for shared installs to 3.31.1
    - Release from system using Mojo::DOM58 so Mojolicious is not
      listed in the dependencies on CPAN (thanks Todd Rinaldo for flagging)

1.03 2020-04-13
    - Rename .la files on Windows as they can interfere with
      compilation of dependent Aliens like gdal
    - Remove unnecessary files from tarball (thanks Todd Rinaldo)

1.02 2018-12-29
    - First release to cpan