title: A Page
src: read_file( SELF )
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<h2>A Page</h2>
<p>A page is nothing more than a file which contains content you wish to publish.</p>
<p>A page contains two things:</p>
<dt>A header</dt>
<dd><p>This is where you may define per-page variables.</p></dd>
<dt>The content</dt>
<dd><p>This is where you write your content, optionally making use of variables and HTML::Template markup</p></dd>
<p>The header of a file is any content which lies between the top of the file and the marker "<tt>----</tt>".   The header consists of lines of the form:</p>
key: value
key2: value2
<p>Those examples define the variables "<tt>key</tt>" and "<tt>key2</tt>" respectively.</p>
<p><b>NOTE</b>:  Key names are always transformed to lower-case when encountered.</p>
<p>A header is <b>mandatory</b> even if it is empty, but note that you'll almost certainly want to set the title of the output page.</p>