title: A Layout
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<h2>A Layout</h2>
<p>A layout is a simple HTML::Template file which contains place-holders for your
content to go into.  The most basic layout would look like this:</p>
  &lt;title&gt;&lt;!-- tmpl_var name='title' escape='html' --&gt;&lt;/title&gt;
 &lt;!-- tmpl_var name='content' --&gt;
<p>Templer will insert the contents of each page into the region named "<tt>content</tt>", and
in this example we've assumed that <a href="page.html">each page</a> will define the variable "<tt>title</tt>".  Together the content and the title complete the page.</p>
<p>You can be significantly more sophisticated than just replacing the content and the title of the output page though - by including optional components as we've done with this example.</p>