Changes for version 0.2.9

  • Made FormMagick CPAN-friendly.
  • Changes to DTD: NAME attriute on PAGE element is now required optional DESCRIPTION attribute for PAGE and FIELD elements
  • Validation changes: domain_name routine now works
  • L10N changes: You can now add items to the lexicon with the add_lexicon method
  • Debugging: Adding DEBUG => 1 to your new() call will turn debugging on You can use debug messages yourself with $fm->debug($message)
  • Look and feel: You can now put DESCRIPTION attributes on your pages and/or fields, and they'll show up nicely output in the HTML. Most parts of the form now have CSS "label" attriutes so you can change the look and feel of your FormMagick apps
  • Other functionality changes: Page pre/post events now work Form post events now work You can use form post events to "branch" to a page other than the next one in line by setting $cgi's "wherenext" param when calling the new() method, TYPE now defaults to "file" and SOURCE to the same filename as your script but with a .xml extension
  • Examples: A worked example of collecting email retrieval options for the e-smith server and gateway system is included in examples/e-smith/



easily create CGI form-based applications
localization routines for FormMagick
Perl module that can create any HTML tags, as well as groups of or just parts of them, and complete html headers or footers.
validate data from FormMagick forms


in FormMagick/L10N/
in FormMagick/L10N/