Changes for version 0.82

  • Fixed up various warnings that were thrown to the httpd error log.
  • Templated form headers/footers are now untainted automatically. Note that this could be considered a security problem; suggestions on how to handle it more securely would be welcomed. (See the parse_template routine in CGI::FormMagick::Utils if you're interested.)



easily create CGI form-based applications
pre/post form/page event handlers
HTML output routines for FormMagick
localization routines for FormMagick
setup/initialisation routines for FormMagick
Call subs by name.
Generate HTML tags
utility routines for FormMagick
validate data from FormMagick forms
basic validation routines for FM
business-related validation routines
geography-related validation routines
length-related validation routines
network-related validation routines