Changes for version 0.70

  • URLs generated for form submission, start over link, etc, are now relative.
  • The following things, which have always run a subroutine if the input contained parens, eg foo(), now also accept arguments to those subroutines, eg foo("bar", "baz"):
    • Form pre/post events Page pre/post events Field values Subroutine elements
  • Multiple lexicons for the same language are now merged, with the later entries overwriting the former.
  • You can now set a fallback language for localisation, using the fallback_language() method.



easily create CGI form-based applications
pre/post form/page event handlers
HTML output routines for FormMagick
localization routines for FormMagick
setup/initialisation routines for FormMagick
Call subs by name.
Generate HTML tags
utility routines for FormMagick
validate data from FormMagick forms
basic validation routines for FM
business-related validation routines
geography-related validation routines
length-related validation routines
network-related validation routines