<form title="Grouped fields default value test" header="head.tmpl"
footer="foot.tmpl" post-event="post">
    <page name="select">
        This script is intended to test that default values get set
        correctly in 'select' dropdowns and 'radio' button groups. To test
        <b>this, do the following: 1) note that the default "blue"
        chosen for the first page.  2) choose "green" instead.  3) hit
        "Next".  4) Note that "BSD" is selected as default.  5) Choose
        OSX and then hit "Previous".  6) Note that "green" is selected, 
        so that user choice overrides the default.  7) Hit "next" and
        note that "OSX" is selected, again letting user choice override
        the default.
        <title>Select dropdown test</title>
        <field id="colour" type="select" value="blue" options="'red','green','blue'">
            <label>Choose a colour</label>
    <page name="radio">
        <title>Radio button test</title>
        <field id="os" type="radio" value="BSD" options="'Linux','BSD','OSX'">
            <label>Choose an operating system</label>