0.031 29-03-2022
        Test some warning categories introduced in the five years since this module
        was last upadted.

        Cope with warning categories having changed in perl 5.35.10+.

0.030 15-02-2017
		Thwarting modules that import compile-time warnings was a bad idea.
		Source filters are bad, full stop.
		Also, I didn't properly understand how warnings were being turned
		back on; there's a simpler way of avoiding e.g. experimental
		warnings being turned back on, which has now been documented.

0.024 07-10-2016
		Also thwart Test::Class::Moose

		Say C<<warnings->import>>, not C<warnings->import>.
		Thanks to Philippe Bruhat (BooK) for this spot!

0.023 30-10-2015
		Use a more portable way of specifying the name of the Perl
		executable. This was RT 108201 - thanks to Slaven Rezic SREZIC
		for the spot.

0.022 30-09-2015
		Make the code brittler, but more reliable (symbols are correctly
		exported now).

0.021 29-09-2015
		Cope with passing multiple modules to thwart_module like the
		documentation suggested, and actually test all of this functionality
		even if you didn't have Moose, Moo, Dancer or Dancer2 installed.

0.020 29-09-2015

		Now allows you to thwart modules such as Moose, Moo, Dancer and
		Dancer2 that import warnings - which has the side-effect of turning
		on compile-time warnings that you'd previously turned off.
		It's clever but it's not pretty.

0.010 26-12-2014

	[Test bugs]
		Perl 5.8.8 triggered a warning for the previous test code
		at compile time. Switched to a more necessarily run-time

0.009 22-12-2014

    [Test bugs]
		Perl 5.21.2 introduced a new warning, redundant, which
		fired when sprintf was being called with too many arguments.
		Cope with this warning, and switch the printf test to test
		something that won't also fire a redundant warning.

		Thanks to Slaven Rezic for reminding me of this failure.

0.008 25-06-2014

	[Test bugs]
		Perl 5.8.9 didn't think a dodgy unpack warranted a warning, so
		switched to something that all perls agree is dodgy.

0.007 30-05-2014

    [Test bugs]
        Removed an unnecessary test as it was more trouble than it was

		Added a note about not being able to disable compile-time
		warnings like experimental::smartmatch.
        Very minor typo fix.

0.006 20-02-2013

	[Test bugs]
		Fixed test failures with Pod::Coverage <= 0.21.

		Beefed up the warnings and categories tests, often by removing
		some category tests that were in practice difficult to carry out
		reliably across all versions and platforms.

0.005 20-01-2013

		Added link to github repository.

0.004 20-01-2013

		Document problems with Dancer, and anything that messes with $^W.

0.003 20-01-2013

		Some sections were duplicated.

0.002 20-01-2013

		no warnings::anywhere and no goddamn::warnings::anywhere
		weren't working if you hadn't imported warnings::everywhere

0.001 20-01-2013

	Initial release.