0.013 2017-06-02


        Work completely with ancient versions of LWP (6.00 to 6.03 inclusive),
        and don't fail the tests on earlier versions, just warn that
        put_json and patch_json won't work.

0.012 2017-05-28


        Fix the version number in the documentation, and fix the tabs in
        this file.    

0.011 2017-05-28

    [Bug fix]
        LWP::UserAgent::JSON->rebless_maybe now works even if nobody during
        the life of the Perl process has called HTTP::Message->content_type
        yet. This could be the case if you're getting JSON back from a
        GET route, for instance.
        This was https://github.com/skington/lwp-json-tiny/issues/2
        - thanks for reporting this, g0ga!

0.010 2016-11-18

    [Bug fix]

        Work on older versions of Perl - don't use unicode_strings in the
        tests that don't need that feature, and explicitly specify parent
        as a prerequisite as that wasn't in core until 5.10.1.

0.009 2016-11-14


        Bump the required version of HTTP::Request::Common to the version
        that actually allows us to properly call HTTP::Request::Common::post
        and ...::put.	

0.008 2016-11-12


        New methods LWP::UserAgent::JSON->post_json, put_json and patch_json
        act as the equivalent of LWP::UserAgent->post, ->put and ->patch (if
        it actually implemented a patch method, which it doesn't), but if a
        reference is passed as the parameter after $url, turn it into JSON
        instead of form-encoding it.

        Should handle Unicode better.

0.007 2015-11-03

        Always sorts output. Modern Perls (5.18+) have arbitrary hash
        key ordering, so whatever JSON was spat out by a previous
        version of your code wouldn't necessarily resemble what you'd
        produce now. The overhead on my system is single digit
        microseconds, so this seems like a reasonable default.

        The methods that create JSON objects have been exposed so you
        can subclass this easily if you want to.

0.006 2015-07-14

        Remove erroneous reference to add_json_content.

0.005 2015-04-20

        Typo fix - thanks CHESNOKOV.

0.004 2015-03-05

        Make HTTP::Request::JSON->json_content into a mutator, so if
        you say $request->json_content it returns the current content
        as decoded from JSON, rather than unhelpfully setting the content
        to 'null'.

0.003 2015-02-20

        This needs a version of HTTP::Message that knows about JSON
        properly, at least for the tests.

0.002 2015-02-10

        Added LWP::UserAgent::JSON->rebless_maybe

        Fixed links.

0.001 2015-02-09

    Initial release.