1.001 2020-03-11

    [Bug fixes]
        Survive repeated calls to tersify with reused data structures.
        This is https://github.com/skington/data-tersify/issues/4
        - thanks Slaven Rezić for the tip-off.
        Have all the test objects compile under perl 5.8.9.

1.000 2020-03-09

        After tersification, any references to now-tersified data structures
        will be updated to point to the new, terser data structures.
        This makes this module worth using on anything other than trivial
        tersify_many() takes a list of values, and is used in the perl debugger
        plugin Data::Tersify::perldb.

        Summary objects include the refaddr of the object they're summarising
        in hexadecimal, rather than decimal, because that's the format you
        expect that number to be in.

        Added structure to this CHANGES file.

0.002 2018-08-12


        Tersifies objects that it doesn't recognise, but which contain objects
        that it does. This was the point of writing this module, and something
        that it took me an embarrassing amount of time to get around to doing.

        Very simple Data::Tersify::perldb module for tweaking the debugger to
        automatically tersify.

0.001 2017-08-17
    Initial version.