0.23 2022-11-06T11:03:06+01:00
 - Add cs label to

0.22 2022-10-19T11:07:21+02:00
 - Add doc for
 - Fix minimal version of Mo::utils.

0.21 2022-10-17T21:15:42+02:00
 - Add own list of language codes to fix issues with them.

0.20 2022-08-14T02:45:12+02:00
 - Improve SEE ALSO section in Value object.
 - Rename files in examples/ directory to better names.
 - Unify LICENSE AND COPYRIGHT section in doc.

0.19 2022-07-09T16:32:51+02:00
 - Add page_id to Lexeme.
 - Add page_id to Lexeme::Wikidata::DogCzechNoun fixture.

0.18 2022-07-09T16:16:36+02:00
 - Add id to Lexeme.
 - Add id to Lexeme::Wikidata::DogCzechNoun fixture.
 - Add alias in another language to Datatype::Item::Wikidata::Dog fixture.
 - Unify LICENSE AND COPYRIGHT section in doc.

0.17 2022-07-07T21:33:43+02:00
 - Add doc for Snak::Wikidata::GivenName::Douglas fixture.
 - Add fixture for GrammaticalGender::Masculine.
 - Improve Lexeme::Wikidata::DogCzechNoun fixture to reality.
 - Improve Property::Wikidata::InstanceOf object.
 - Remove ';;' from example.
 - Rename Reference::Wikidata::Fixture1 fixture to VIAF.

0.16 2022-06-25T16:25:54+02:00
 - Add Dog item fixture.
 - Add InstanceOf::CommonLivingOrganism statement fixture.
 - Rename Human fixture to better DouglasAdams.
 - Update README file.

0.15 2022-06-25T11:42:12+02:00
 - Fix Mediainfo doc.
 - Add fixture for Mediainfo.
 - Add fixture for MediainfoSnak.
 - Add fixture for MediainfoStatement.

0.14 2022-06-24T13:37:55+02:00
 - Add modified and explicit ns parameters to Item fixture.
 - Add modified parameter to Lexeme fixture.
 - Add modified parameter to Property fixture.
 - Add tests for fixtures.
 - Add tests for Lexeme.
 - Change ns for Lexeme to 146 (as Wikidata).

0.13 2022-06-23T00:09:39+02:00
 - Add tests for fixtures.
 - Add tests for Property.
 - Fix ns default value in doc of Property.
 - Fix place of error test in constructor in Item.

0.12 2022-05-29T20:11:07+02:00
 - Add Property datatype.
 - Add test instance for Property.
 - Fix minimal version of List::Util with none().
 - Fix versions in test instances.
 - Improve test instance for Human item.

0.11 2022-05-28T15:13:50+02:00
 - Add test instances.
 - Fix check_language().
 - Fix Unicode conversions in Item doc example.
 - Improve example in Form documentation.
 - Improve example in Sense documentation.
 - Update copyright years.

0.10 2021-07-17T15:11:15+02:00
 - Add test for Wikibase::Datatype::Value::Monolingual with utf8 text.
 - Improve doc for Snak.

0.09 2021-07-13T14:06:21+02:00
 - Add check_language() helper for check ISO 639-1 language code.
 - Add check for ISO 639-1 language code to
 - Fix doc for Snak 'datavalue' parameter.
 - Fix sentences in doc of Wikibase::Datatype::Utils.
 - Fix usage of Error::Pure::err in Value/* classes.

0.08 2021-01-26T21:24:31+01:00
 - Rewrite example in doc for Mediainfo to some real.
 - Rewrite exmaple in doc for MediainfoSnak to some real.
 - Rewrite example in doc for MediainfoStatement to some real.

0.07 2021-01-26T13:28:48+01:00
 - Add Mediainfo datatype.
 - Add MediainfoSnak datatype. There is difference between normal Snak in
   requirements of datatype.
 - Add MediainfoStatement datatype. There is difference between normal
   Statement in use of Snak and references.
 - Add id parameter and id() method to Statement.
 - Fix doc of Datatype.
 - Fix tests for Snak (there isn't datavalue for somevalue and novalue).
 - Improve doc example for Snak by adding of snaktype.
 - Update copyright years.

0.06 2021-01-14T18:43:21+01:00
 - Fix doc in Lexeme.
 - Fix negative coordinate.
 - Improve doc for Snak (added datatype values).

0.05 2020-12-23T15:41:04+01:00
 - Improve doc for Lexeme.

0.04 2020-12-20T02:27:02+01:00
 - Add check_lexeme() to Utils.
 - Add helper to Utils and rewrite to it.
 - Add link to Wikidata::Datatype::Struct in doc.
 - Fix SYNOPSIS section in doc of Utils.
 - Fix indentation in EXAMPLE in Item doc.

0.03 2020-12-11T16:19:01+01:00
 - Add test for check_property().
 - Update dependency to Mo::utils 0.03, because i need support of floating
   numbers in quantity.

0.02 2020-12-11T13:06:58+01:00
 - Add id parameter and method for Item.
 - Add page_id parameter and method for Item.

0.01 2020-12-11T11:46:07+01:00
 - First version.