0.06 2015-10-07T23:08:33+02:00
 - Improve SEE ALSO section in doc.
 - Move author tests to xt/ directory.
 - Update Module::Install to 1.16 version.

0.05 2015-03-18T16:36:45+01:00
 - Rewrite from IO::CaptureOutput to Capture::Tiny because FCGI.

0.04 2015-02-05T12:48:45+01:00
 - Add OS check (Windows doesn't supported).
 - Add THEORY section to doc.
 - Add tests for status() method.
 - Fix minimal version of Perl (not depend on dependencies).
 - Fix start(), status() and stop() methods calling.
 - Remove check for command in commands() output. Add note to commands()
 - Update LICENSE AND COPYRIGHT section in doc.
 - Update Module::Install to 1.14 version.
 - Update copyright years.

0.03 2014-08-19T06:34:34+02:00
 - Add dependency for perl (based on Error::Pure).
 - Internal rewrite to common command and add error for status() method.
 - Fix LICENSE file.
 - Fix exit status.
 - Up version for Error::Pure dependency.
 - Update Module::Install to 1.10 version.

0.02 2013-11-12
 - Add check for services with ".sh" suffix.
 - Add support for parsing commands from "Usage: $0 start".
 - Add tests for command() method.
 - Fix warnings in commands() method.
 - Remove error and fix code in commands() method. Init.d script returns
   default exit code greater than 0.

0.01 2013-11-12
 - First version.