- Prototype subroutines listed in 'use subs()'.
 - Move POD out of GMPf.pm and into (newly created) GMPf.pod.
 - Remove POSIX dependency from t/get_set_NV.t.

 - Fix test script bugs (t/NOK_and_POK.t).
 - Re DoubleDouble arch, fix _Rmpf_set_ld and tweak t/get_set_NV.t
 - Add Rmpf_get_d_rndn, Rmpf_get_ld_rndn, Rmpf_get_float128_rndn and Rmpf_get_NV_rndn.

 - Remove gmp_v from Math::GMPf::V as we don't want any library functions in that module.
 - Replace SvUV/SvIV/SvNV with SvUVX/SvIVX/SvNVX where appropriate. (In typemap, too.)
 - Add Rmpf_get_NV and Rmpf_set_NV.
 - Handle NOK/POK dualvars.
 - Add Rmpf_set_IV, Rmpf_get_IV, Rmpf_fits_IV_p and Rmpf_fits_UV_p.

 - Tweaks to Math::GMPf::gmp_v() and Math::GMPf::V::gmp_v()
 - Add metadata to Makefile.PL.
 - No longer define USE_64_BIT_INT if ivtype is 'long'.
 - PREREQ_PM => {'Exporter' => '5.58'} to avoid test failures on pre perl-5.8.4
   (Thanks Peter Acklam.)

 - Additional tweaks to t/overload.t and t/use64bitint.t in relation to accommodating
   the possibility that the underlying gmp library represents the decimal point with
   a comma.

 - Fix t/new.t, t/overload.t, t/printf.t, t/test1.t, t/TRmpf_out_str.t, t/use64bitint.t
   to accommodate the possibility that the underlying gmp library represents the decimal
   point with a comma.

 - Add Math::GMPf::__GNU_MP_RELEASE.
 - The gmp library incorrectly returns false for mpfr_fits_uint_p(x) for
   -1.0 < x < 0.0. (This should be fixed in versions of gmp later than 5.1.1.)
   Have Rmpf_fits_uint_p() return a correct result irrespective of the
   version of gmp being used - and have the Math:GMPf test suite test for this.
 - Alter V.xs to accommodate the possibility that the global constant gmp_version
   has not been set in gmp.h. I've assumed this can only happen if the gmp
   library version is earlier than 4.0.0. (The gmp ChangeLog indicates that this
   is so.)
 - Alter wrap_gmp_sprintf and wrap_gmp_snprintf to take an extra arg (length of
   buffer to which we write).
   This now means that Rmpf_sprintf and Rmpf_snprintf require an extra argument.
 - Remove Rmpf_sprintf_ret and Rmpf_snprintf_ret. (These now seem pointless in
   view of the changes to wrap_gmp_sprintf and wrap_gmp_snprintf.)
 - No longer include inttypes.h on the basis of USE_LONG_DOUBLE being defined.
   (Was harmless ... but didn't make much sense.)
 - Define PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT (in XS code).

 - Fix test 3i in new.t. (It wasn't allowing for the case where perl was built
   with long double support, but ivsize was still 4.
 - Alter the way that strEQ gets hold of HvNAME(SvSTASH(SvRV(sv))) - so that -Wall
    doesn't emit "null argument" warnings. (Thanks Daniel Kahn Gillmor.)

 - Add Math::GMPf::V
 - Add overload_inc and overload_dec functions.
 - Accommodate cross-class overloaded arithmetic with Math::MPFR.

 - Remove 'not' from overloads. Apparently achieved nothing anyway, and 5.16
   warns that it's invalid.

 - In the documentation, elaborate on the way that Math::GMPf::get_v() and
   __GNU_MP_VERSION & friends determine their values. (Thanks Vincent Lefevre.)

 - Fix Random.xs so that it compiles with gmp-4 (not just gmp-5).
   Thanks Rob Kuo (https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=58501)

 - Improved coverage of 'random' functions.

 - Add Rmpf_snprintf and Rmpf_snprintf_ret.
 - Fix test 18 in test1.t. (It *was* checking the first 96 bits of two
   64-bit numbers for equality ... which seems a bit dubious, and not
   always guaranteed to succeed.)

 - 2 missing ';' in the XS file (subs ___GMP_CC and ___GMP_CFLAGS) meant
   that version 0.28 wouldn't build with some compilers. Now fixed.
 - If there's no variable to be formatted, Rmpf_(f/s)printf no longer
   need to be supplied with a dummy variable.
 - Some buggy tests in printf.t hopefully fixed.

 Requires gmp-4.2.0 or later
 In response to bug http://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=46499:
 - Amendment to Makefile.PL wrt 'long long' and 'long double' support.
 - Remove reliance on $Config{use64bitint} in t/new.t and t/out_str.t
 - Add some MAC OS X notes to README and fix some typos.

 In response to bug http://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=46603
 - In Rmpf_get_d_2exp, change data type of 'exp' from unsigned to signed,
   and return exp as an IV not a UV.

 In response to bug http://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=46604
 - Fix ___GMP__CC() and ___GMP_CFLAGS() so that they return undef
   if __GMP_CC and __GMP_CFLAGS are not defined by the gmp library.

 Thanks, Bob Kuo and Jonathan Leto.

 - Requires gmp-4.2.3 or later.
 - Remove (the need for) INLINE.h.
 - Change Rmpf_sprintf to return the number of characters written.
   __GMP_CC and __GMP_CFLAGS
 - Fix overload_copy sub so that the copy preserves the precision of the original.
 - Change Rmpf_printf() so that, like its fprintf and sprintf counterparts,
   it formats only one variable at a time.

 - Add Rmpf_fprintf, Rmpf_sprintf and Rmpf_sprintf_ret
 - Finally fix (hopefully) the bug in the test1.t test script (that was
   supposed to be fixed by the release of 0.25).

 - Fix bug in test1.t tests script that resulted in a reported
   'make test' failure on many platforms.

 - Add TRmpf_out_str and TRmpf_inp_str.
 - Rmpf_out_str now also takes an optional prefix argument.
 - Remove the tests in the Makefile.PL that test for the presence of
   a suitable compiler and GMP library.
 - Minor bugfix to Rmpf_out_str. (Zero was being returned as '0.' and
   therefore boolean "true".)

 - Fix bug in test suite. (Test 12 in test1.t improperly constructed.)
 - Rewrite new().
 - Rmpf_out_str() now takes an optional fourth argument - a string
   that will be appended to the mpf_out_str() output. Also stdout is
   fflush()'d each time Rmpf_out_str() is called.
 - The overload functions and new() can now handle a long double value
 - Rewrite Rmpf_get_str to start with a leading zero, and to use 'e'
   instead of '@' (for bases <= 10).

 - First CPAN release
 - No longer assign Exporter and DynaLoader to @Math::GMPf::ISA.
 - Fix bug in tests 35, 26 and 37 in overload.t
 - Add support for perls built with -Duse64bitint.
 - add new() function/method to facilitate initialization/assignment